Spring Zest

Hold on, did someone mention Spring? Mmm, what with the snow all over the place and that cold biting wind from Siberia you would think it was middle of the Winter! However, we are all born with an imagination, so lets imagine it is Spring like weather! Today I am going to share my love for all things citrus in the world of aromatherapy,oh my favourite!

The Citrus family includes lemon, lime, orange, tangerine, mandarin, grapefruit. These are all Top Notes, ie the first scent you smell when smelling a perfume, and these are the first to disappear.

Lemon and lime with eucalyptus make a great air cleanser, add a few drops each to a humidifier.

Mandarin and basil are great for mind function clarity and focus, such a great combo, just add to a tissue and sniff before that vital presentation!

Grapefruit on its own is a fab diuretic, detoxifier and cleanser. The smell is pure Spring and also Summer! I love to add grapefruit to a wick and let it burn for a few hours.

Well, has your imagination taken you where you wanted to? Mine has. Lets hope by my next blog the sun will be shining!! Namaste, Angel xxx