The Truth About What Happened to Me

Do you think your wife’s behavior was due to her constantly being sexually assaulted/harassed online and you telling her that it wasn’t happening while also mirroring her abuser’s behavior and sentiments?

What about her exes? Girl’s with autism are at a higher risk of sexual abuse, large studies say. Her history reflects that. 

A group of men tortured and abused your incredibly sick wife after she was raped.  She then had to endure sexual and mental abuse so badly online that she stopped her lupus treatment and you denied it all was happening and said it was her fault, adding additional distress. 

Women have the right to build and protect their reputation both online and off, she was innovating and creating as a positive outlet. Women shouldn’t have to hide themselves because men can’t control themselves. Why would you let her stop her treatment and cancel so many other appointments?

During this time, she was prescribed Wellbutrin, which is KNOWN to cause seizures, which you repeatedly denied that she had while in the process of her being re-diagnosed, which can be a long process. However, you were also aware that she had a confirmed and documented diagnosis of epilepsy as a child. 

When she experienced an adverse side effect to the medication where she wasn’t in fact dangerous nor psychotic but happily aloof but not even capable of dressing herself, you lied and said she attacked you but no aggressive behavior was detected during the interaction with paramedics after she dialed 911 after enduring a huge seizure. 

Mrs. Martinez claimed she was explaining how she felt like she was drowning. An analogy she has used several times in therapy when explaining her current situation. 

While you were clearly gasliting her that nothing was happening and it was all in her head, which only would have medically exacerbated her current condition, then you lied and said she beat you up. However, the paramedics had to physically dress her and carry her to the car because she had been off of her lupus treatment for that long, she couldn’t walk. 

It seems like her being abused was an inconvenience for you. I can’t wrap my brain around how Ms. Martinez endured: 

  • Sexually assault
  • Forced to give up her treatment 
  • Bedridden
  • Psychologically tortured
  • Gaslighting
  • Sex Trafficked Online
  • Racially Targeted
  • Emotionally and Mentally invalidated and abused by her husband and others, all while being sick.
  • Her husband ultimately abandoning her when she couldn’t take care of herself after reaching her breaking point.  

Just to name a few.

What’s more, when your grandmother passed away, one of your gay family members attacked her on a site called Datalounge. Both you and Ms. Martinezhad to purchase a subscription to fight back with the trolls.

Your narrative of Ms. Martinez is flawed, if not delusional.

You expected her to endure an enormous amount of abuse without ever being effected or having the audacity to inconvenience you.

She protected you from it all; the many mentally ill people on the internet because she cared and due to your physical disability as well.

Even going as far as making up an entire partner so people would leave her alone, protecting your privacy. Yet, you see no good in that, considering what she was enduring and what you put her through.

How could you just sit there and watch but worse, deny? When you knew that your sister had done the very same actions as the accused actresses in question.

At least we can rest assured that Ms. Martinez invented and innovated  all on her own merit.

What I find most disturbing is your ability act much more autistic than you really are. Your supervisors show you in a much more capable light and capacity. 

Interestingly enough, when your wife was dealing with all of this abuse, you doubled down with your astounding inconsideration and said you were going to take up guitar playing and release photography books.

Which isn’t outrageous by any means, but you were treating her horribly, and during a time when people were questioning her abilities. She used that as an outlet to create and heal. However you couldn’t see as to why this would be upsetting to her?

However, before this occurred, she encouraged you to do those very same books and setup an account for you to do so as well as supported your art endeavors. 

Did you not pursue a further career in policy on your own merit and increase your dedication to your art pursuit because of her? Did you not have those HAND MADE BOOKS she bound together of all of your ART work when you first met as a birthday gift? You never gifted Ms. Martinez anything for her birthdays.

You couldn’t see how that would be upsetting, considering you’re gasliting her during a torturous crisis? You participated in an art show which you excluded her from attending after all of her support. This was after she recovered from you leaving her for dead during a seizure because you didn’t want to hear about the on-going abuse, which Hollywood is notorious for.

However, you excluded her because she had to be punished in your eyes, for not supporting you, when you weren’t supporting her in a traumatic life crisis and gasliting her regarding the tragic abuse. 

In fact, when you first met you were still sucking your thumb at age 24, had a porn addiction, and slept in the same bed as your sister. You didn’t make eye contact and hovered when you ate. During the years that you spent with Ms. Martinez she worked with you, running mock interaction drills and interviewing conversational training. Even teaching how to walk in your first martial apartment, holding your head up, how to give handshakes, and so much more. She was sick during that time, very ill.

However, any time she pursued anything professional, you never supported her.  Even if it never involved you at all or any financial backing, but you were financially abusive towards her.  You still are. You had rage issues and emotionally abandoned her immediately after marriage. Your sister claims Ms. Martinez is controlling but you controlled every aspect of her life that was revealed upon observation after you deserted her. 

Ms. Martinez never had a real relationship with MacFarlane and any attempts to imply so was PR driven to save her reputation she worked hard for since she had been inactive due to illness. She showed up to two of his events, one with you in attendance but both with you as the driver, which was a PR standard operation, not to take pictures with him but to change the narrative that as a black married woman she was not a threat and more over, had no interests in MacFarlane. This was prior to any claims made of a romantic connection. 

Her main contact with Mr. MacFarlane was via his verified Instagram account. She contacted “him” because of the on-going harassment which ensued which was racially driven.  Ms. Martinez wrote to him and pitched ideas which he had in fact used, however, he didn’t care to fix the harassment. 

Ms. Martinez has a solid background in Television producing and writing from Warner Entertainment in San Francisco. 

MacFarlane failed to fix those issues but ran with her ideas to pitched to CBS in an attempt to star and produce Star Trek, which they rejected HIM but CBS announced that initiative of “shorts” which was then reported on the Daily Mail. 

The harassment continued and MacFarlane did nothing. Ms. Martinez and her husband were still married and sleeping in the same bed during this entire situation. That’s a clear indication that Ms. Martinez was never under the impression that there was a genuine relationship. 

Ms. Martinez visits to Vibratos’, which she had been to before with friends, completely unrelated to MacFarlane, as her family has a notable history in Jazz and she is also a Jazz vocalist herself. 

That very same night club MacFarlane was videotaped drinking with an underage Hawaiian born actress Lia Marie Johnson. Johnson has made news previously for inappropriate relationships with other OLDER men. 

Ms. Martinez was again, in attendance with the single intention to show that she wasn’t a threat to MacFarlane as his fans racially insisted. Ms. Martinez comes from a very long line of writers but his delusional fans in a psychosis like derangement insisted that all her writing was about MacFarlane. Which is beyond absurd. 

The only time she began to openly and publicly struggled with her writing was upon her husband’s departure.

The is fact. That is reality-based. 

A troll began writing on Twitter while Ms. Martinez was in attendance and she decided to approach MacFarlane who at the time was viciously inhaling a desert with Ms. Sage at his side. 

Ms. Martinez approach gently because she didn’t want to go near him, so she lightly shouted ” Your fans keep harassing me and it’s giving me anxiety which is preventing my going to chemotherapy.” 

His security put his hands up in a stop motion and Ms. Martinez left.  Security at no time touched her nor was she asked to leave as she sat in the VIP Sky Box section during the entire performance. 

Ms. Martinez began to feed his DMs with randomized information to see what would appear on Craigslist where she was being harassed.

There are repeated ads which coincide with the same dates and times with specific matching information, mostly misinformation which she fed whomever was behind his account.  At no point, did Ms. Martinez believe that it was MacFarlane or that there was a relationship between them. 

His exes who he had multiple current sexual contact with began to harass her.  Ms. Martinez trolled back, not taking any of it seriously but that was until they became violent. 

At that time, Ms. Martinez made several police reports and  hired Derek Nelson who actually offered Ms. Martinez a partnership as he was in impressed with her abilities but something changed. Ms. Martinez’s husband said she was reading too much into. 

Despite Ms. Martinez having an extensive background in computer science.

The main reason for hiring Derek, the PI was because Ms. Martinez had become hacked. 

This became evident by her trolling the DMs of another celebrity, John Mayer to test that theory. 

Ms. Martinez reasoning for choosing him was because he had huge following and most likely would never read her DMs. 

He also notoriously and openly found black women to be hideously ugly and Martinez wasn’t sure about his sexuality either, therefore, he seemed to be a good fit. 

Upon doing so, the ads on Craigslist became enraged with jealousy and violence. 

Ms. Martinez was obviously confused because she at absolutely no time was ever under the impression that she was in a relationship with MacFarlane. 

Ms. Martinez retrieved his number and attempted to reach out to put an end to the situation.

It was at this time which he was in New York shooting a miniseries, The Loudest Voice In The Room. MacFarlane or someone pretending to be him, answered and knew exactly who she was but hung up because he said he was busy. 

Ms. Martinez attempted to confirm her identity with the caller and mitigate the situation. The owner of the phone number responded on Craigslist. So, Ms. Martinez assumed it was the same person. She pleaded with the user to do something about the harassment but nothing was done. 

Ms. Martinez also has a diagnosis of Stockholm Syndrome as a result of being trapped to this user who always cyberstalked her on Craigslist.  It formed a trauma bond.

Ms. Martinez has a prior diagnosis of C-PTSD often seen in veterans and kidnapping victims, which she was digitally kidnapped in this situation. 

MacFarlane or whomever was behind his account took advantage of a disabled girl who has autism.

At no point did Ms. Martinez consider herself to be in a relationship or actual contact with these celebrities as these accounts are most often ran by assistants. 

However, the MacFarlane case was different because it involved copyright thief, cyberstalking, criminality and abuse. 

It was his PR company which had took part in the hacking to stay ahead of Ms. Martinez telling her truth, CAA, an agency John Mayer recently signed with.  

As in the case of Elon, who constantly has to distract attention away from Ms. Martinez and her inevitable success and ability, to therefore, pacify, his inadequate abilities or lack there of, it was a nuance of instability and destruction.  

This is well documented with the timing and his constant displays of instability on his part. 

Ms. Martinez had formed a group chat with Elon Musk, John Mayer and Seth MacFarlane to discuss the issues with Halston Sage who was let go but continued her relationship with MacFarlane which Ms. Martinez never protested.  

During this time, Musk who is known for his public erratic behavior was being sued for his “420” tweet, after locking infamous rapper Azalea Banks in his house after a failed three-some with his then partner sound artist, Grimes. 

Musk and Ms. Martinez had been friendly on Twitter even sharing an exchanges but that was somehow deleted with a slew of other tweets. 

Unfortunately, Musk was also actively harassing Ms. Martinez for procreation purposes, even showing up to MacFarlane’s annual Christmas house party to find Ms. Martinez but just as with Mayer, they shared no actual relationship. Unfortunately, Musk showed up because of the group chat. 

MacFarlane just took advantage of Ms. Martinez and stole from her. Ms. Martinez in no way suffers from Erotomania.  She was under constant doctor’s supervision due to her constant struggles with chronic illness and Lupus.  

Ms. Martinez only goal was to seek justice for her having to endure repeated offensives. The attempt to minimize her experience and abuse endured as a love crazed partner, fan or otherwise, is racially driven by a longstanding racial stereotype that black women and men not having the ability to contain themselves at the sight of white beauty,  this argument is both delusional and disgusting.  

Those close to Ms. Martinez know that she’s been vocal about her inability to find white men sexually appealing and her dating profile reflects that. 

Ms. Martinez used every opportunity to separate herself from MacFarlane, including downloading dating profiles, talking about other white celebrities as not disrespect her husband whom she was fully married to and openingly as well as publicly celebrating anniversaries together, restricting his identity of course. 

Ms. Martinez was never interested in Macfarlane, as he abused her and took advantage. He committed cruel acts and behaviors which he knew would induce bullying. Her only motivation was to gain peace,  justice, and resolution. 

Mr. MacFarlane began having a sexual relationship with self-identified Transvestite Philippines YouTuber, Kyra Santoro who violently stalked Ms. Martinez and sexually harassed her repeatedly. 

Santoro trolled on Craigslist to get attention from MacFarlane and Mayer then cried victimhood although she was the pursuer. She continued to harass and provoke Ms. Martinez until Ms. Martinez retaliated.

MacFarlane didn’t care about Ms. Martinez well-being or safety. This all occurred during the height of The Black Lives Matter and Proud Boys Civil War unrest movement.

As a successful and accomplished Black Jewish Bisexual Disabled Woman who is breaking barriers, she was an obvious target.

This had no affect nor concern to Macfarlane. He used Martinez to fuel jealousy and competition in low processing women who were gullible enough to believe Martinez in any way was interested, which is false and outright delusional. 

Kyra Santoro became obsessed and displayed Borderline Personality Disorder characteristics by mirroring Martinez posts, interests, racial identity, style, behavior, style and dress. 

Some which is believed to be accredited and fueled by Musk, Mayer and MacFarlane who all have a questionable history with underage courting and racism. Santoro has history of prostitution and works the yacht circuit. 

Santoro was never fired and that could be an indication that the group chat was never read by the performers but more than likely assistants who headed those results. Though that is highly unlikely in the case of Musk and MacFarlane.

Santoro’s employment reflects a complete disregard and further abuse on Fox and McFarlane’s behalf which unequivocally supports the many claims of sexual, racial, social, emotional, distress, ableism, homophobia, misogyny, sexual and mental abuse endured by Ms. Martinez at the hands of Fox and MacFarlane.

MacFarlane and Fox capitalizing on Ms. Martinez is unbearably disgusting and ruthless. Santoro acted as a distraction to the black demographic established by the success of Empire. 

It is a blatant act of colorism to create division and mistrust, a methodology of propaganda Fox is notorious for.  

Santoro presence concretely supports that. 

At no time did Ms. Martinez pursue a relationship with Seth MacFarlane, Elon Musk or John Mayer.

She had never met these men nor had any verified contact with them. 

She has had no contact with MacFarlane for years and DMs sent to John Mayer were merely used only to document the ordeal and most likely never read.  

However, John Mayer did engage with MacFarlane in the capacity to take part in a sexual relationship with Kyra Santoro. He was cruel towards Ms. Martinez for the sake Santoro, all which MacFarlane set the tone for this maltreatment.

John Mayer and Ms. Martinez were never friends. They will never be in contact or physically near one another, this statement applies to Musk and MacFarlane. They are deeply disturbed and heartless people. 

The pursuit of Ms. Martinez was purely for self-gain and narcissistically focused. It is clear with Ms. Martinez solid accomplishments and success, she is without question entirely more accomplished than MacFarlane, Musk and Mayer.

That’s part of the reason these said individuals worked hard to invalidate her and attempted to even steal her Innovations but any attacks or attempts were and are racially driven. 

Ms. Martinez genius and ability as an Innovator is unquestionably verified. Her profile and portfolio solely belongs to her and well her established LLC. 

Ms. Martinez husband suffered trauma from this experience, however, his other actions have proven that he at the very least is abusive, toxic, compulsive liar and has an inability to be loyal. 

Ms. Martinez marriage legally ended by being abandoned during a crisis. 

Disgustingly, members of Musk, Mayer and MacFarlane’s team witnessed with federal disregard by hacking in attempts to protect their clients from taking responsibility for their horrific inaction as well as actions. 

It is critical to note that not a single one of these men came to Ms. Martinez defense to reassure and validate her experience to the point to where her husband even didn’t believe.

That’s not an act of friendship but terrorism.

This situation was outrageous but so are all the personalities involved.  That is well documented. It is hard to believe but it happened. 

That is fact. That is reality based. 

None of these men genuinely cared for Ms. Martinez or her safety.

That is fact. Those actions. This is reality-based. 

Ms. Martinez spouse does suffer from Autism as well and obviously had an inability to cope but many people wouldn’t be able to cope under these conditions which MacFarlane could have easily intervene as they are neighbors. 

However, Ms. Martinez has never sought MacFarlane out, that tells you all you need to know.  

Upon divorce and separation, Ms. Martinez has made no attempts to contact any of the parties mentioned. She has no interests in a relationship or professional work with any involved parties.

She has unfortunately, disavowed Disney, NBC and Fox indefinitely. 

Ms. Martinez having previously worked with both Disney and Fox has clear indication that neither company exhibits loyalty and accommodations for their minority women. 

Most notably Zendaya, has spoken up about these very same issues which Ms. Martinez echoes. What an unfortunate way to end a longstanding professional relationship. Zendaya is currently in a interracial relationship with actor, Tom Holland which she, including many other beautifully successful women of color have spoken out about the VILE racism endured as an result. 

How tragic it is for a young disabled autistic girl of color to be taken advantage of and sought justice only to be accused of being mentally ill because of the misogyny and racism. 

Particularly, in racism countless studies have shown that black women are not believed. It’s sickening considering that both MacFarlane and Musk have a solid history of misconduct with underage women.

The fact of the matter is Ms. Martinez wasn’t delusional nor mentally ill, as she released 33 books in this span of time and was under close medical supervision due to Lupus.

Those books prove her excellent work ethic as well as a healthy mind.

That is fact. That is reality-based.

She was capable, clear, incredibly intelligent, creative and mostly importantly mentally PRESENT. 

She was focused on self-preservation and betterment, despite the vile and unmentionable abuse. 

There are countless studies regarding the growing concern of mental illness in fandoms and gossip sites. 

As for the women who were involved with these men, they were misogynistic and cowardice. They piled upon a disabled autistic girl like weak minded beasts because they couldn’t face the men who were making the decisions which involuntarily involved Ms. Martinez.  These women engage in these polygamous relationships and they barter their services, an institution Ms. Martinez has never or will ever take part of.

Such a failure of feminism, a disgusting act of negligence and terrorism towards a girl, who these incompetent and mediocre men stole from, abused and took advantage of. 

Ms. Martinez is beyond accomplished and every achievement was by merit alone. She has never used personal connections, nepotism, sexual favors or bartering to achieve such. She is in an entirely different league than any of these women involved.

She is in a legend of her own.

Unfortunately,, during this time she also endured an assault which was far more tragic to this already vile act of terrorism.

Her strength to push forward and achieve great heights is a testament to her character, strong mental dexterity, sanity, clarity, integrity and overall ability.

None of the characteristics displayed by among these involved.

Ms. Martinez husband’s isn’t to blame for this obscenity, Fox, Musk, MacFarlane and Mayer. 

Ms. Martinez continues to excel in all of her endeavors and will continue to be advocate for mental health, specifically narcissistic abuse as it features this tactic of mentally ill individuals targeting a single victim, which she is more susceptible to due to her autism. She is seen often as an easy target, a prerequisite in exploitation.

However, Ms. Martinez looks can be deceiving, she is a survivor and not a victim and played the log game.

During the course of this poor display of behavior, a prime example of mediocre mainstream manufactured talent and their inability to produce authentic products.

This was an act of jealousy fueled by envy on the behalf incompetent media figures who’s entire entity is based on public relations hearsay and not actual merit. This entire situation proves that.

This factor combined with longstanding consensual barter system in place in Hollywood industries which produces such low quality persons such as the women involved, made their obscenities and obsessive behavior inevitable. Studies show that Hollywood has a higher risk of mental illness, specifically personality disorders.

Due to the long-term nature of this situation a statement of resolution was issued. There will be no further discussion of this matter.

Please keep in mind, that women with autism are at high risk of sexual abuse,

• Seth MacFarlane

• Dicarlo Bennett

• Elon Musk

• Stephen Madden

• John Bordelon

• John Mayer

• Bill Morrison

• Brent Hyman

• Kyra Santoro

• Trisha Cummings

• Halston Sage

• Emilia Clarke

• Olivia Culpo

• Anne Winters

• Lexi Shoaibi

• Sophia Harang

• Kiernan Shipka

• Kelly Rizzo Saget

• Katy Perry

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