The Predatory Sadness of the Lost Souls Broken in Hollywood

A Story about Racism and Toxic Femininity in Hollywood


I’m a survivor of many things; I’ve overcame 28 years of abuse.

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We often hear about the element that men play in abuse but we often forget about the level women play as abusers.
To be honest ever since high school, I’ve always had problems with other girls trying to become me. Whether that meant changing their eye colour or the entire school rocking my hat the day after I wore it. It was traumatic and I was immediately homeschooled after. The difference between now and then is, I had the ability to get out. However in 2009 and on, I wasn’t so lucky in escaping from such toxicity.
I was brutally raped in 2009 and I should have been able to distance myself from that toxic situation but instead I was held captive by the women in his life.

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The Perpetrator:

His Minions:

Their Crimes:

How would someone else prohibit you from leaving?

Triangulation and Stalking.

Click here for my infomation: Triangulation is a manipulation tactic where one person will not communicate directly with another person, instead using a third person to relay communication to the second, thus forming a triangle. Narcissists recruit friends, colleagues, family members, the authorities, institutions, or neighbors, to do their bidding. They use others to cajole, coerce, threaten, stalk, offer retreat, tempt, convince, harass, communicate, and otherwise manipulate their target.

When I complained about being stalked by his exes, he had little to no interest.

When I told him his exes were [mirroring] psychologically, he didn’t respond at all. He actually never responded to me because he didn’t care.

He just wanted me captive and in the position to beg him for my freedom.
I went to the police but they couldn’t do much. So I was forced to be in contact with the man who raped for years and he never responded. The stalking and harassment was so bad that I began to disassociate and fall into Stockholm Syndrome. I felt hopeless and suicidal.
Yes, clearly these women were jealous and wanted to be me but why would that implode my ego when it induced such psychological torment?

Despite being held captive, I continued to excel in my career. Then one day, I made a decision to call the RAINN hotline and I never looked back.

Then came 2016, I lost weight from being bedridden and stalked for 4 years. I was finally in remission and found a donor to start the family that I so desperately desired.

However, I made a decision that I will forever regret, which was returning to my public accounts on Twitter which had been left on auto.
I followed who Instagram suggested that I did and on that list was Seth MacFarlane and I had no clue who he was until I saw the cartoon. Then I also followed him on Twitter. We had a lot in common so we interacted. I also had a side account for my FREE THINKING ART POETRY.

During this time I was working as an independent undercover agent for the Jane Doe project to assist with efforts of getting underage sex trafficking victims to safety.

I was also interacting with Mr. MacFarlane quite a bit. His fans began following me and I had a runin with his ex. I knew it was an ex from previous years of experience, stated above.

The Perpetrator:

His Minions:

Their Crimes:

The Full Story is Available Here

Unsurprisingly, these women are ALL THE SAME.

Seth MacFarlane has had very few monogamous relationships. In fact, he dated multiple people in all of his open-relationships from 2009 and up.
I had a particular problem with Trisha Cummings who is a 40 year old intern and social media influencer, who strictly had a transactional relationship with Seth, despite her trolling on blogs making up stories of how he proposed to her and she turned the loser down. She has also lied about the length of the relationship and the fact the he dated other women the entire time he was sleeping with her.

She has been involved in scandals regarding racism and sadly her interactions with me were not an exception.

Trisha’s mocking of a McDonald’s employee “infuriated the Asian Australian community

Again, this is a display of the same low level racism about black hair, one which inspired the infamous don’t touch my hair movement.

She started trolling me on craigslist and I felt particularly disgusted because her ego was so grand and her lacking complete empathy regarding sex trafficking victims barred no relevancy in her own stupidity and as well as her jealous racist quest to pacify her 40 something delusion.

However, Seth had written a compliment to me on craigslist and it enraged her.
She began writing sexually aggressive ads and explicit posts about me and encouraged his other exes to do the same. That translated into, Emilia Clarke, Halston Sage, Kyra Santoro and Alexis Knapp
I spoke about the incident on Twitter and then his fans got involved and then predatory men.

I tried to reach out to Seth but he never cared. Unfortunately, I was raped in 2017, which propelled Halston Sage, Trisha and Kyra Santoro to sexually harass me for 3 years.

I wasn’t in a relationship with Seth but I was stuck with him because of the stalking, abuse, harassment and mirroring.
It’s not like I don’t try to go to the cops, I did, I do but there’s nothing they can do.

So I remain trapped by a man who’s abusive, a rapist, terrorist and his exes.

Yeah…. I’ve run into bad men…. that’s true…. but it’s the women around them who prolong the entire situation.

I try to tell men but they never liste or rather it’s seen as an opportunity for them to attain attention and feed one’s egotism, all while I suffer.
All I ever do is try to move on while these men do nothing but lap it up. I become trapped in these situations. Held captive due to one’s inability to care.
Women are often overlooked in situation such as these but who could give me justice for being sexually harassed daily by his exes?

Now bedridden again in 2020 and unable to walk. Kyra physically stalking me and bragging about Seth attending a party, Trisha obsessively racist and drugged out of her mind, Halston is a sexual predator and Emilia is a murdered….

What did Seth do to help?

He puts Kyra Santoro back on the show and of course, she posts and brags in the make chair because he stands by her and his exes actions. This can be seen by the photos above, he follows them and just partied with them at Christmas. This is who he is no different than the first abuser.

I was never under any impression that he loved or cared for me. It is blatantly obvious that he doesn’t. He just used me for his creative skills and he doesn’t care if it ruins me. He does the smallest acts to keep my attention but that doesn’t work as I’ve moved on.

He will always stay by the people who are important to him. He treated me according to what he felt that I deserved.

I deserve better and so I received that upon releasing myself from his dysfunctional abuse.

However, you can still find Trisha, Halston and Kyra writing into the abyss every day on craigslist while I achieve incredible heights.

I’m a survivor.

Need help?

Call 800.656.HOPE (4673) to be connected with a trained staff member from a sexual assault service provider in your area.

The full detailed story can be found here