Why I Might Run For President: Something to Consider – Simenona Martinez

John F. Kennedy is the most inspirational President in American history. He understood the “bigger picture” aspect of life. He understood that after warfare that uniting America was the most strategical progression for our country, from a military standpoint.

He fundamentally understood why an united front was needed. The civil rights movement was necessary in the effort towards ending the civil war and unrest during that time within our country.

He knew that the divide and conquer methodology that America had indoctrinated was a vulnerability, a dangerous distraction away from foreign threats.

He was extremely intelligent and forward thinking in that way.

When you have such a forward thinking person in a society which not only thrives but, was built on a foundation based of ignorance and a volatile reconfirmation of such arrogance.

It was inevitable for people who operate solely based on this indoctrination to not only react but react, violently. That is the mode of operation tactic of ignorance.

The confidence of a fool is only exceeded by his arrogant ability to deliver violence when met with opposition.

It is always an act of bravery to challenge what is status quo but that is not without a price.

President Kennedy understood the importance of the foresight, which is why he contributed towards fighting for changes which ultimately alter the course of history.

He challenged segregation, not only in regards to world affairs but intellectually as well. He, like many others during the 1960s, had to change the way people thought, but the challenge always lies in changing the way people, understand.

Donald Trump was the antithesis to everything that John F. Kennedy built for African Americans and Blacks but also the world in general.

Donald Trump thrived in the arena of unarrest and during his election, the world mirrored images and cries of that of the 1960’s.

John F. Kennedy understood that despite anyone’s position on race that we were stronger against foreign threats when we weren’t consumed by internal ones. However, as often times with ignorant people, they just couldn’t see the bigger picture and unable to put ones own personal ideological beliefs aside for the greater good of humility, and to keep that country some proud one’s are fighting for alive.

Most importantly, keep our soldiers off the front lines with ability to stop threats because our objectives are united.

John F. Kennedy understood that very objective. It doesn’t matter about race, religion or political stance but what matters is the bigger picture of our American Dream.

The opportunity in revolutionizing that concept into something greater because we deserve better than what we have right now. I think we all can agree.

This requires of a leader devoid of self-interests and in this day and age of social media, that seems impossible but it’s not.

The fundamental element of the America Dream was not indifference and not even acceptance of all things, but it was about achieving a clear united objective.

That objective has always been about societal betterment and an assurance in our country but essentially, it’s leaders.

Just something to consider. – Simenona