I was watching this documentary on Rev. Jim Jones, you know the cool aid murderer.

I kept thinking to myself in this digital age of social media and the entire concept of followers, there are so many Jim Jones’s!

‘Drinking the cool aid’

How many people follow complete idiots and treat them as Gods?

I’m talking about BLIND WORSHIP.

There are a considerable amount of people who support and worship stupidity, simply because they’re told to. You can’t say anything about a celebrity because they’re GOD’S to some people.

Reality television is PROOF of [Trash Religion]

That’s what celebrity worship is, faux religion for some. They live and breathe these people.

i.e. Donald Trump and Kardashian. The more polarizing and chaotic the better.

Society needs sheeple to survive because consumerism thrives on it, buying into stupid.

Fans do not love celebrities, they worship them – they’re strangers.

When you think about things like Waco…no amount of printing pictures or studying of biographies will ever provide a true and first hand knowledge/experience of a person let alone a ‘celebrity.’

Once heard someone say something that stuck with me about a celebrity who took a picture of their good deed.

“I have more respect for the workers who do it day in and day out with little to no pay or applause.”

If you can’t appreciate the truth in that statement then you’re already lost.

Social media has allowed anti-intellectualism and misinformation to spread at the speed of light.

People don’t care about the truth and that’s terrifying. When you think about this entire Woff debacle that’s indicative of this societal blindness of utter disregard of truth over comfort. We are more upset by the truth told rather than the truth lived and that’s a scary place to be.

It’s all about the divide and conquer, blacks vs. whites, Republicans vs Liberals etc.

When 9/11 occurred, the American ideology was that of a united front and that’s essentially what we need to get back to. It shouldn’t take another tragedy to bring us there because by then, it’s already too late.

What you believe as a republican, democrats, conservative, liberal etc., shouldn’t be regarded in the place of your race and personal identity.

Politics are about MONEY, not people.

99% of people in the population are the last thing considered when passing laws and invoking change.

America is a BUSINESS FIRST, don’t you ever forget that.

Race isn’t a factor regarding law making, it’s all money. Poverty knows no race outside of the political ones.

America was built on segregation only now, it’s about political segregation by affiliation.

Who are is Americans and that should be first.

Instead of fighting one another, we need to be more aware of what laws are being passed. What decisions are ultimately being made on our behalf.

Every one must be accountable for his or her actions, celebrity, pedestrian, or President.

Blind worship is dangerous, but what can you do when the public has such insatiable thirst for kool-aid?