Mental illness deserves to be discussed openly and free of judgement.

Sufferers of mental illness are no different than others with illnesses and we must not forget that.

We have certainly come a long way from automatic hospitalizations, societal segregation and lobotomies. However, we still have ways to go with the complete understanding and societal coping with said conditions.

Everyone’s journey with mental illness is different.

Subject Trxxx has BPD and is extremely destructive because she has sociopathic tendencies. However, that does not imply that everyone with BPD is a danger nor remotely the same in any capacity.

Just as with Lupus, everyone’s personal health cocktail varies.

Last night for example, I stumbled upon a very disturbing individual and it scared me quite a bit. He was expressing homicidal anger and ideation. He was male and his appearance was extremely terrifying, eyes absent of sanity.

The most “successful” serial killers (for lack of a better word) were attractive.

Physical appearance plays an extricate part in the misconceptions about how society views mental illness and possible danger.

I’m sure since subject Trxxx is white and I am black, people completely disregarded my claim until the evidence was presented, which was irrefutable.

I’m sure people wanted to use her mental illness as a [get out of jail free card], especially those with BPD or family of those with BPD.

That’s dangerous. Look at Jodi Arias.

Mental health awareness is critical, not only for early diagnosis but for preventive purposes. (Murders, Stalking, Violence and Mass shootings)

As the case with other diseases, mental illness is an [invisible disease] which manifests itself visibly.

Just as in cases with domestic violence, -believe people when they are brave enough to come forward!!!

Everyone always complains after the fact but there are always* warning signs.

To be clear, not everyone with mental illness is a >Trisha< BUT people like her need to be monitored. Timothy James McVeigh was among the crowd watching the tragedy in Waco, TX unfold, which ultimately inspired him with the Oklahoma City Bombing.

I wonder how many were among the crowd watching her demonic destruction and “getting ideas?”

THAT!!!! is where the media and the public gets it wrong. You must understand that part of what drives >The Trisha’s of the world< is |attention!! | They love it -good or bad! They want to be infamous! Whether it’s to be remembered, heard, respected, or otherwise.

It doesn’t matter that I was raped, she stalked and harassed me anyway.
It doesn’t matter that innocent people die in mass shootings.

They want the attention or their agendas met by any expense necessary. I find this extraordinarily concerning, as we live in such time where ironically, the world is digitally a STAGE where everyone* is the STAR of their own movie by means of their personal social media channels, yet people have never* been more intimately deprived.

•No followers or digital engagements is a failure to some.

People are desperate for an audience to watch them or engage with their content.

We have become The Sims, essentially.

Social media is but a simulation, not to be utilized for inhabiting. Yet, people are moving in and digital real estate emerges at light speed, reminiscent the children’s boardgame Monopoly.

There have been countless studies on the negative effects of social media in regards to mental health.

A digital crisis among the internet’s morally bankrupt residents, the New Age Digital Ghetto. It is unregulated, people reside here illegally, trades of sex and drugs, technologically improvised, escapism by administering imagined matrix which parallels reality to responsibility.

Here, you CAN buy guns, popularity, sex, people and new identities which never exceed beyond the infinite synapses of florescent bandwidth which lights a grim skyline; a depiction of this Digital Ice Age. The red light flickers in the sky, the alerting of the inevitable arrival of The New Big Bang. The Dark Ages emerge.

The echoes of fake news swarms our personal devices, of course – tailored to what we need to know according to the realities which we are willing to accept or rather able to digest. Faith is no longer relevant because it is not visibly physical and therefore, unable to be printed by our smug 3D printers. Seeing IS believing in this age, but we dangerously negate the that pesky introspection of reality vs. illusions. -Simenona

Truth and facts are essential to our very survival during this human experience and not to be confused with one another.

The truth is, social media is not good for your mental health. The fact is, people don’t care.

Social media is full of filters and we are expert magicians. In order to •get real• about mental health, we need to remove the filters, step away from our own illusions which we manipulate in order to escape and therefore cope.

The discussion of mental health needs to be more than just a hashtag because although a hashtag CAN induce an open dialogue, it unfortunately closes immediately after the trend.

Let’s demand that Congress takes steps towards methods of early screening.