formal plus size

Plus size doesn’t exclude sexy or glamorous. However, it’s important to follow certain rules and find  clothes that are suitable for you. Following fashion trends blindly is not a good idea for anyone, especially women whose figure doesn’t fit the mold. So, in order to help you find items that will make you look both formal and absolutely attractive, we have prepared a list of useful advice.

Accentuate your waist

If the lower part of your body is particularly curvy, you can go for a dress with an empire waistline, i.e. a dress with a waistline that’s above your natural waist, which will both highlight the narrow part of your body and elongate your figure. When it comes to length, you can go for the one you feel most comfortable in. However, if you’re attending a gala or some other formal party, a long dress will do the trick and make you look absolutely romantic and glamorous.

A halter-style neck for busty women

If you’re a busty woman, finding the right dress for a formal occasion can be a real nightmare. However, we have a solution – a halter-style neckline. Not only will a dress with such a neckline keep everything in its place, but it will also accentuate your shoulders giving your appearance a touch of elegance and making you look unbelievably sexy.

Go for the outfit that emphasizes your best features

As we have already mentioned, in order to emphasize all your best parts, you should always look for an outfit which is suitable for your shape instead of blindly following current fashion trends. For example, if you have nice legs, go for a mid-length dress. Who says that a long dress is your only option? No one! There is nothing wrong with being different. However, if you have short legs, opt for a dress with a V-shaped waistline or a raised waistline since such a dress will certainly elongate your figure making your legs look leaner and longer.

Don’t stick to black

Plus size women tend to believe that they must stick to dark shades only, but guess what – that’s not true! Although it’s true that black colour makes you look leaner and can help you hide your curves, this is not what you should go for, since your main goal should be to enhance your features and not try to hide them. So, if you have stunning green eyes, go for a purple dress which will make them pop. Finally, printed dresses are a great way to show off your fun and outgoing side, so don’t shy away from trying them out, as well.


In addition to choosing the perfect clothes, your task is to find suitable jewellery as well. For example, our personal favourites are statement necklaces since they won’t pass unnoticed on a plus size woman and will help you draw attention to your face. On top of that, such pieces of jewellery are extremely practical since it’s usually enough to get only one piece; so, you don’t have to worry too much about matching your earrings with your necklace or bracelet. Another way you can complete your look and add a touch of drama to it is by opting for amazing plus size jackets or oversized handbags.

Wear high heels

Finally, don’t forget to wear high heels since not only will you sweep men off their feet, but you’ll feel sexy and much more confident. Additionally, they will elongate your figure making you look slimmer. Furthermore, feel free to experiment with different styles and go for the amazing architectural footwear. These shoes will certainly make you stand out from the crowd.

As you can see, looking absolutely chic and sexy is not that difficult after all. You just need to follow certain rules and make sure you find clothes that suit your figure best. Finally, add some jewellery to complete your look.