The man who raped me name is Dicarlo Mario Anthony Bennett of Paramount, California.

This is the last time, that I am going to talk about rape. The man who raped me name is Dicarlo Mario Anthony Bennett of Paramount, California. I never gave his name before because in my own way, I wanted to protect him and wait until the case was closed. I went to the police department, made a report, and they have all the information. He is a sociopath.

He has no empathy whatsoever for people who cannot do for him. He is unable of remorse or accountability. I met him in late 2007 early 2008. He love bombed me and lured me into his home. He sexually assualted me on the couch in the back room. I remember wearing green/blue underwear and the feeling of those scrapping against my thighs, as he breathed heavy into my ear.

When he was done he pushed my face into the couch. I didn’t want him to hurt me, so I waited until he got up and headed for the door. I went home and showered. Questioning my own sanity of weather or not this could be real. He called me the next day, explaining how I wanted to have sex. I didn’t remember it that way but you see, I was groomed at a very young age as I was a survivor of sexual assualt. I hated myself and because I couldn’t hurt anyone, I took it out on myself. I had a raging eating disorder and depression. He wanted me to push my friends away, so I ruined those relationships.

He was so good at manipulating me. He abused and tortured me from 2007-2009. I didn’t know my worth, I didn’t even know I had a voice. I tried to stand up for myself but I was always punished. He could abuse me all night but if I said one thing wrong then I was awful. As most rapist do, he told everyone I was the blame for all his problems. He wasn’t ever made to take responsibility. Even when Dicarlo was arrested for planting bombs in Los Angeles Airport. His family was on the TV saying he was set up. That’s how deeply they were manipulated by him. He convinced them that the woman he was raping who wasn’t even healthy enough to drive was pulling the strings. He later admitted to doing after the evidence of him committing the crime.

He would say horrible things to me and then alienate me. I would play right into it and text him many times and he did that to show people ‘look she’s crazy’. I was his scapegoat. He led everyone to believe that I was this big bad wolf because if people believed that, then he was innocent. The problem is there are too many witness. After the night, I was raped I wrote on a peice of paper is name and phone number and I told my mom…if anything ever happens to me Dicarlo Mario Anthony Bennett did it.

I forgive him but most importantly, I forgive myself. I won’t allow this to have control over me anymore. If you or someone you know, has been raped, speak up, speak out. RAINN.ORG