Bill Bower's All Over The Map

The Happy Hooker, have you heard of it? The stalking bunny? Maybe you remember Georgia’s terrible snow storm when hundreds of people were stranded in their cars on the highways.

Those were a few of the many hilarious stories shared by Bill Bower, in his solo play ‘All Over The Map’. Bill Bower has traveled throughout Europe, Asia and all 50 states of the U.S.A. His broadway credits include Zazu in The Lion King, and Leggett in The Scarlet Pimpernel. And in ‘All Over The Map’, Bower tells thee most heart-felt, wacky (in a good way) and stomach holding stories (from the laughter) of the most interesting characters (people) he has met.

By him sharing those moments with me, I thought about the people who I’ve met and how they made an impact on my life, for even a moment.

I don’t want to give much away that happened in the show because if you’re in the New York City Tri State area I highly recommend seeing the show.

But you will see how he tried to bring the wonder of silent expression to a room full of uncomprehending Amish kids, in  St. Ignatius, Montana. You’ll learn how one copes being stuck in their car for 21 hours, during a freak snow storm. How handy your coffee cup can be. And the most valuable lesson you can learn about dirty business from a hooker.

On a personal note, it’s a great show to see if you really need a laugh, to fall in love with the arts again or to remember the good that meeting people has brought in your life (as I did). I immediately spread the word about the show to former classmates, because I went to a performance arts school I knew it was something they might be interested in. I raved about it to my brother and my cousins. I was grinning ear from ear when I saw Bower and I remember being so excited to tell my mom that I met the guy who played ‘The Lion King’s Zazu on broadway.

A great show that everyone can relate to, because who doesn’t have crazy stories waiting to be shared. Who are the people in your memorable moments?