We need mental health screening nationwide as a part of a human resources initiative. It’s important that everyone is protected. We need to align proper care treatment plans which are affordable but most importantly, diverse. There is no secret pill to fix mental illness nor international security breaches. Frankly, I wouldn’t indulge if there was, because each person and each instance demands an empathic approach for long term solutions. Mental health should be invested in with the same ferocity as any military operation.
We are only human, but we as humans must also realize that we are weapons. Our daily actions, words and, most importantly, our minds can be ammunition. Mental health should be a top priority in this country; she’s been through a lot and as have her citizens.
I myself have PTSD and I can tell you first hand that it is no cake walk. It’s hard to get help when you don’t feel like help is possible which is a scary yet numbing place to be. There are many stigmas tied to men speaking out about mental health because men should be capable of “walking it off” or “being a man.” It is too often we forget that being a man requires one to be human. We aren’t invincible and no one is immune to pain. Life. IS. HARD, but it’s not impossible. The bravest thing anyone could ever do is ask for help. Life is too short for filters, and what’s the point in smiling on Instagram when you’re crying alone in real life. We are not required to compete for captured moments but to seek to live a candid life with an abundance of happiness in a difficult world. It’s okay to be sad and it’s okay to be depressed, but reach out to others for help.
This is the human experience at its core, not the current one which is flooded with text but the absence of meaningful words. In society which thrives on the art of oversharing, it’s important that we continue uploading what really matters.
Everyone deserves a voice and his or her piece of the American Dream. It’s 2018 and people are dying to grasp just a portion of that. The income disparity is frightening, as the middle class is becoming somewhat of an urban legend. We need to be sure that workers are earning a livable wage. Poverty exists everywhere and many people are living pay check to pay check.
This discussion is about so much more than a ‘hijacking’ of plane in rogue. There’s a deeper story which can resonate within all of us. He is not a hero by any means because what he did was reckless and could have ended much worse. This is a story about an American citizen and this is the opportunity to begin a honest discussion about where we are as citizens. It could have been your brother, uncle, father or even you. America, let’s talk.