Happiness. The buzz word at the moment. So, how can we achieve happiness in our lives? The truth is we cannot be happy all of the time, we must experience other emotions too, after all, we are only human. Experiencing the ups and downs in life are part of living, being. If you find yourself stuck in an emotional rut so to speak, here are some simple ways to bring some happiness back to your grasp.

Reasons to be cimageheerful!

1) exercise more! The body produces endorphins which help make us feel good after exercise, so get moving!

2) help others! Being proactive in this way can work wonders for your happiness levels. Seeing others benefit from whatever action you do is so worthwhile.

3) sleep well. We need around 8 hrs sleep per night. How many times have you felt grumpy after having had broken sleep, think about it. If you have difficulty sleeping try drops of lavender on some tissue and place it under your pillow.

4) Eat well. If you are anything like me you only function after you have eaten, and eaten well. Try to avoid processed foods, eat more fresh produce and every cell in your body will resonate happiness!

5) think positive! I know that’s hard to do if you are going through a traumatic time, but even one little thought can make a difference. It doesn’t happen immediately, it takes time and practice to get into the habit. But once you do you will begin to feel more cheerful.

6) smile! Go on, curl up those lips into a beautiful smile, you instantly feel better plus anyone who sees your happy face will feel happy too, see its contagious!

spread some happiness today!