The name HSBS or High School Bully Syndrome may indicate a specific time and place in which this disease flares up and contaminates the masses but in reality it can appear at any time and age. No one is safe from its symptoms and unfortunate life-long affects. Typically symptoms begin to appear in grade school in some of the patience that exhibit certain life-style behaviors such as pettiness, low self-esteem, jealousy and complete lack of awareness of any ones feelings but their own. However, this illness can also effect those of false maturity and security, thus the age range of those who suffer from HSBS is 7-85.

I am not a physician, psychologist, sociologist or professional of any kind in regard to studies in the social or applied sciences, however I am a human being therefore I feel I have the knowledge and ability to speak plainly on the subject of bullying and overall negative treatment towards other. This epidemic I have come to appropriately name HSBS or High School Bully Syndrome. I do believe it is, unfortunately, a disease because those who have contracted HSBS can and will contaminate others at any opportunity.

HSBS causes the sick to lash out and hurt others, with complete disregard in order to bring the other down to a level of self-consciousness that compels the victim to then display symptoms of HSBS to alleviate that pain. This disease has a predictable and vicious cycle of infecting a host to a point of no return. After a level of HSBS has been reached, there may not be a cure.

A person suffering from HSBS might whisper hurtful comments to others to spread hate slowly but surely, or they will laugh out loud at another’s expense in order to gain attentions and negative appeal. How one reacts to contracting HSBS depends solely on their inner ability to fight the disease festering within. Whether or not they let their own insecurities and hatred run their mouth, facial expressions or scoffing depends on the elements of nature and nurture, how they were born to be and how they were raised. Many have tried to observe the infected from a distance to study the elements of nature vs. nurture to decipher which was the initial cause of the disease. No conclusive evidence has been found. In order to gain a deeper understanding of this wretched disease scientists would have to study one closely, only none so far have agreed to living in such close quarters with a highly contaminated specimen in fear that it will also consume them.

Some professionals do believe it is curable, some hold out no hope that those deeply infected will ever return to a state of lifting others up instead of tearing them down for personal benefit. All we know now are preventative measures

Step 1 don’t let those infected infect you!

Step 2 Brush off hate

Step 3 Do not under any circumstances take things personally from those suffering from HSBS

Step 4 Be as nice as possible to those infected

Step 5 Remain calm and confident, remind yourself how amazing you truly are

Step 6 remind yourself that those infected are acting out of low self-esteem and jealousy

And finally

Step 7 when all else fails keep a distance, some people are deeply infected and need serious medical attention, you can’t save them all.