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Autumn is right around the corner

You would expect that with autumn coming you will have to wear a lot of heavy cover-up clothing. Wrong. This fall fashion, it is all about a soft comfy feeling. While you can always wear what you had from last autumn, there will be a number of fresh looks to watch out for this year. The next 4 styles will not only be a hit this year, but, they will be a must for your wardrobe.


  • Coat up


Make sure to get a trench coat, if you do not have one already. But! Make it a soft trench. You want to look stylish and look amazing as well. I am loving it so much right now, because it is like a traditional coat, with a bit of softness and amazing added. Most importantly I managed to combine it with all my outfits, and still looked astonishing.


  • Make it chunky


Autumn means that it is time to pull out your jumpers. And, this year it is time to get chunky with your knits. They will keep you warm, cozy and, what I love the most, you can pull them over almost any combination. Though, you should go for a faux chunky pullover, so that it feels big, but, it does not make you look big. Even if you combine it with jeans, you can still look marvelous. In fact, chunky style is one of those rare picks that fits perfectly with both trendy plus size fashion and skinny love. Simply amazing!


  • Evening autumn wear


Just because summer is over does not mean that you cannot have some fun if you go out. Though, you should not wear any dresses above the knee. It is never a bad time to party, and you should be ready for the occasion. This year, it is all about wearing a long dress when you go out. Stylish, comfortable and mesmerizing on the autumn sunset. Make sure that you combine it with your coat, to avoid catching a cold.


  • Keeping your handbag simple


The good thing about this year is that bags are getting smaller and smaller. Finally, I do not have to carry around so much from my bathroom, only the essentials. And, it will not hurt my shoulders as much when going out. Remember to pack your essentials though, and to make enough room in your bag, because space is going to be scarce a bit. Your back and heels will be thankful as well.

Mix it up a little

Make room this autumn for the classics as well, plain prints with white shirts will be in, which means that you can finally raid your wardrobe. It is all about being cozy and feeling great. Although you might think that using plain colors will not help you stand out, but trust me, it will. You just have to make sure that you mix in a few autumn essentials inspired by recent fashion trends. Be careful not to overdo it though, as you might end up looking silly. Take your time and play around in front of your mirror, after all, autumn is about changes.