As someone who actually fights for women’s rights, I’m calling an end to these self-serving nudity protests. Marisa Papen took it upon herself to run naked through a Brooklyn neighborhood at the end of the Purim holiday as a protest of nothing.

In all honesty, these so called feminists running naked through the streets with their narcissism on full display, are only oppressed by their own egos. In a time when Alabama had deemed women too incompetent to make their own decisions regarding our own bodies, we have women reinforcing such stigmas and inaccuracies. We should all be focused on helping women who are truly oppressed.

I wonder if Papen ever stopped to consider that these women live in a melting pot known as Brooklyn, not an oppressive nation. That Jewish community makes up about only 9 percent of the overall population in that borough. 9 percent; that’s not exactly living in sheltered, oppressed territory. These women are living in a diverse community, not a third world country where they have no rights.

Protesting with one’s body is overdone and ineffective. We need more protesting with our minds and our words because that’s how you get things done. You running through Brooklyn disrespecting other peoples beliefs with your own oppression and insecurities makes you not only an idiot but also a hypocrite.

I have been criticized for my own choices to be modest and not have sex. The irony is that I was criticized during a time which I had been sexually assaulted, as the actual term ‘Slut Shaming’ originated in regards to victims of sexual assault. If you decide that you want to save yourself for marriage or not engage in certain things, then you become responsible for the fragile egos of those that do. That’s not feminism, that’s bullying.
Just as these women live in Brooklyn and see other women living by their own cultures, they have a choice if they want to go another way. What makes this type of feminism any different from the Westboro Baptist Church?

You need to give your own fellow women more credit, rather than operating under the delusion that you are their savior or hero in any way. That’s the life they chose and/or are comfortable living, it’s not your place.

The worst part of the incident is that she lies to the police, stating that she wasn’t naked and that the men were harassing her. “Breaking bad” means sticking to it and not crying false sexual harassment. There are so many things wrong with this attention-seeking stunt. It stood for opposite of everything feminism. You are making it harder for rape victims like myself to be heard and believed. Just as with so many of these so-called feminists, they can’t stand their own ground when called out.

You have no idea what feminism about and I recommend that you keep your clothes on going forward.