5 Ways to Keep Your Wedding Simple


Not everyone wants a big wedding. Even though people make a big deal out of it, there certainly are those couples who prefer something simple, yet elegant, with not so many invitees and a regular buffet. In this day and age, it can be very challenging to organize such a wedding, mostly because everyone insists on making a pompous celebration. Simple weddings are slowly becoming more and more popular, not only in Australia, but all around the world. But how exactly can you organize a simple wedding? Take a look at 5 most important ways to make your wedding small yet incredibly classy.

Keep the menu simple

First and foremost, make sure that your buffet is actually quite simple. Trying to come up with new and original ideas for your buffet can take a lot of time, so what you should do is limit the number of dishes on your wedding food station and order only the things that you know people will love. You can do the same with the bar – you don’t have to go crazy with the cocktails, but rather focus on the classics. Whiskey, champagne and beer are great choices, and all of us have a favorite drink out of these three.

Limit your guest list

If you want a simple wedding, then it means that you have no intention of inviting just anyone to your wedding. And this is an excellent idea, as you should only invite your closest relatives and friends. If you limit your guest list, you could even do something wonderful and unique for them, such as booking wedding cars in Sydney or other big city and have them transported to another location where you will host your party. Opting for different locations for your wedding ceremony and the party is a very original idea and definitely one that will make your wedding much more interesting.

Ask for help and delegate tasks

The fact that you want to throw a simple wedding party doesn’t mean that you need no help. On the contrary, you still have plenty of stuff to organize, and you can make it even simpler by asking for help from your best friends and relatives. Make some in charge of the venue and the tables while others could be in charge of the buffet or your appearance and makeup. Delegating tasks among people is going to make this endeavor much simpler – there are so many details that you have to pay attention to and if you take everything on yourself, you’ll just run around like crazy.

Don’t try to impress

If you have the idea of impressing the people, then you will probably spend a lot of money and do something that’s completely over the top. Instead, focus on the simple things, and don’t try to impress anyone. A simple and elegant reception and party are more than enough to create amazing memories for all of the invitees. Everyone has been on fancy weddings, and sometimes it’s the simplicity that makes a wedding completely unique, so make sure that’s you. If you opt for a summer wedding your event will be fabulous with so little effort, as all summer weddings are immediately pretty and memorable, depending on the venue.

Make it early

As a final piece of advice, we suggest you organize your wedding earlier than usual. This is first of all quite original, so if you have the option of organizing it around noon it can be amazing. Not only is the nature beautiful then and the light even better for some amazing photographs, but it’s going to be quite simple as nobody will get drunk then, but rather simply enjoy and have a good time. Organizing a wedding early in the day means that you will get home earlier in the night, so you will have plenty of time to sleep as well.

Simple weddings are indeed very cool, and can be quite original and interesting. It’s very important to know what you want, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Hopefully you’ll have an amazing time, and remember – simplicity is the key.