Coffee Bean was popping this morning at 5:30am as everyone in line sang along to “Hit the road, Jack.” I noticed that the more I sang and danced, the more other people did the same. This simple encounter kind of made my day.
As a musician, I love finding which music works and which doesn’t. I’ve explored genres from folk to pop, but I prefer to sing rock. My band, Forget Your Friends, recorded 4 songs this weekend for our EP. Last night, we experienced a studio ghost.

Do you believe in ghosts? Our producer didn’t until last night when his phone was physically flipped over and then texted our guitarist while he was in the same room watching the text with three dots to that someone was currently typing. This was followed by two texts; one with, “she’s?” and another text with an emoji. This is where a camera in the room would’ve been handy.

Have you ever experienced paranormal or supernatural activity? Born and raised in Virginia, I’ve had a lot of experience with ghost-like activity. I’ve had doors slam shut, doors lock, candles lit, objects move, my closet literally pulled apart and I’ve even seen a visual, but transparent silhouette.

When I tell my many “ghost” stories to friends, they all listen in disbelief and awe. Why is it that some people are more susceptible to paranormal energy than others? I want to hear YOUR ghost stories because “I know I’m not the only one.” We should brighten the possibility that ghosts really are real because, what if they are?