Banana is one fruit that you must love. The benefits of banana include:

1) High Fiber: Helps with the digestive system. The high fiber levels help with bowel movements and provides a safe environment for the growth of healthy bacteria in the intestine.

2) High potassium: Can reduce the risk for high blood pressure. Potassium helps to regulate heart beats and protect against heart disease.

3) Part of the BRAT diet: Banana helps to fight against diarrhea. It also aids constipation.

4) Antioxidants: Helps to fight against cancer cells. Banana can reduce the risk of free radical damage.

5) Low glycemic index: Bananas are great for diabetics since they do not spike blood glucose levels. 1/2 large banana is one serving. Diabetics can have half in the morning and the other half in the evening.


There are many ways to include banana in the diet. Here are some simple ways below:

. Make a smoothie!

. Eat it raw.

. Slice it up and eat it as a snack with peanut butter.

. Add it to cereal. It’s delicious.

. Add it to a salad!


Bananas are nutritious fruits. It can be described as one of the world’s healthiest fruit! Being creamy, sweet and firm, bananas have yellow jackets to reduce internal damage. A fun fact is that athletes actually use bananas for their high energy needs. Bananas keep their energy level stable and help to reduce muscle cramps.


When choosing bananas, ensure that there are no bruises or cuts on them. They should be firm and bright in appearance. Keeping bananas refrigerated can also help to reduce the aging process and preserve the fruit.

Candida Khan, RD
Candida Khan, RD

By: Candida Khan

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