Trends come and go, sometimes so quickly that by the time you decide to jump on the bandwagon it’s already over.  Sometimes though, a trend actually manages to stick around for a couple of seasons. In some cases this is unfortunate (I’m looking at you dresses-over-pants) but in some instances, as with those listed below, I’m delighted. Read on for 3 trends that seem to be holding on for the next couple of seasons.

  1. Overalls

Yes, that childhood denim onsie that we started to see on the fashion set a couple of years ago has dug in its heels.  I’m pleased because I’ve been contemplating giving this look a try and finally feel ready to take the plunge. So often if I think on a trend for too long it passes me by but overalls have still been seen on It girls like super blogger Chiara Ferragni. I love how she styled these Gas overalls, even managing to pull of the one-strap-up-one-strap-down look. The key to not looking ridiculous, or like a construction worker, is in choosing a slim fit with a close fitting top underneath. I like these denim ones from Blank NYC or if you’re feeling saucy this leather option from Nasty Gal. If your budget can stand it, these from Emilio Pucci are seriously KILLING me.

  1. Birkenstocks (and slides in general)

Such controversy over this sandal. Do they make your feet look wide and clompy? Yup. Will your husband/boyfriend make Jesus references every time you put them on? He sure will. No matter. For some reason these-should-look-awful-but-don’t sandals make most outfits look cooler. Jeans, skirts, dresses- everything. Check out (pun intended) how the always effortlessly chic Camille Charriere of Camille Over the Rainbow styled hers or get some inspiration from this collection of images compiled by Who What Wear. This season new geometric patterns are being introduced as seen in this year’s collaboration with Opening Ceremony x Birkenstock (not yet available) and these crazy dope metallic slides from Acne Studios.

  1. Slouchiness

Slouchy, mind you, not messy and disheveled. Don’t get me wrong, I dig me some painted on skinnies or a great body con dress from time to time but when slouchy is done right, nothing is cooler or says “Oh this? I just tossed it on this morning. NBD” better.  It’s important to keep fit in mind here as you’re not going for frumpy- you should still get a vague idea of your shape underneath the clothes. Take a look at how Julie Sariñana of Sincerely Jules (who epitomizes Cali girl cool) works the slouchy vibe. There should be one element of the ensemble that is more fitted. Maybe a great pair of slouchy trousers with a sweater or jacket that is a bit snugger. You can check out how yours truly rocked this look to work a couple of weeks ago on my Instagram here.

So there you have it, kids. If you’ve been on the fence about any of these trends do not fear. You’ve got at least a few more months to give them a try. Beyond that, no promises.

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