5 Ways to Keep Your Nails Healthy


Being fit and staying healthy should be our main New Year’s resolutions for 2019. However, what many fail to understand is that being fit, fashionable and healthy is not only buying all the latest clothing items, eating a lot of vegetables and going to the gym – it’s also taking care of every single cell of our body, nails included. Now, as far as nails are concerned, we always think of getting a manicure, which is definitely a good thing to do, but there is so much more than this if you want to properly take care of your nails. So what are the most important things to have in mind if you want to keep your nails healthy?

Don’t bite your nails

You should sooner let a vampire bite you than bite your own fingernails. This is definitely a habit that many people have, but that doesn’t make it healthy. Namely, biting your fingernails causes a lot of damage – not only do they make your nails look ugly, but the contact of your nails with your saliva makes them weak and brittle, and it also harms your cuticles. Not to mention that putting fingers in your mouth transfers the germs and the dirt from your fingers to your mouth which can have even worse consequences. In order to solve this issue, you can always find a nail paint that smells bad so that it will put you off from putting your fingers in your mouth.

Visit a nail salon

Getting a manicure is always very advisable, even though it’s not the most important thing that you should do. However, if you take proper care of your nails, going and getting a manicure is definitely a thing that you should do. Know that you should always look for a very good salon, though, and you can find them everywhere around the world. If you find yourself in Asia for example, you can always find a good nail salon in Hong Kong and use their services – the fact that you’re abroad should not come as an obstacle to getting that manicure that your nails deserve.

Mind your cuticles

There’s nothing worse than having ugly and unrepresentative cuticles. They are indeed very delicate and can get ruptured easily, so taking proper care of them is quite important. If you have hanging skin or nail make sure to handle it carefully. Trim it gently so that it doesn’t stick out, or it will cause even more pain. Whatever you do, do not bite or pick the cuticles as you will only make the matter worse. In addition to this, you can always use a good moisturizer for your cuticles, such as coconut or almond oil.

File your nails properly

Unless you want your nails to become weak and break prematurely, make sure to file them slowly, gently, and most importantly in one direction. This will help you achieve that smooth tip and it will be easier for you to shape them in the way you want to.

Eat well

Who would say that a good diet is also important for nails? Eating well is great for everything, including your nails. If your body realizes that you’re not eating enough of a certain vitamin, it will send you signals through your nails, and thus you will see small white stripes on the nails. Make sure to eat and drink plenty of calcium, vitamin E, protein, iron, vitamin D, zinc and magnesium – all of these are crucial to healthy and strong nails.

To sum up, your nails are also extremely important, and if you’re a fashionista, love the beauty industry or simply like to take care of yourself, you need to make sure that your nails are nice and healthy. Simply use these 5 steps and you will see the difference in no time!