Young woman silhouette practicing yoga on the sea beach at sunset

If you have ever taken the time to analyze a movie plot you have no doubt picked up on one of the most common formulas. First, we are introduced to a character, Jane Doe. An incident occurs in Ms. Doe’s life, forcing her to fight or overcome, and by the end, she is a different person.

Well, art imitates life.

We have all experienced trials and tribulations; they are inevitable.  There are times when we feel alone and maybe have a feeling within of giving up. It is during these times that we have to put our faith in God and believe in our ability to fight. We become overwhelmed not because we are weak, but because we are human. Everything you endure is for a reason you may never understand, but sometimes it is your pain that defines your purpose. That purpose may be to tell your story or to be in a position of power that requires deep empathy. God is always working for you and your greater journey that he has already planned.

Jane Doe has a choice every day to keep moving forward or keep living in the past. The past can be comfortable and misery has way of feeling warm to our most vulnerable creases. What is comfortable doesn’t always bring comfort and what is warm doesn’t always reach the essential locations of your body to keep you alive. Overcoming is a word that in itself is exhausting; but no fight in the world is won without at least a drop of sweat. We must remember that in our darkest pain, God is always there holding a candle to light our way.  He holds a candle so that you might see His presence. He wants you to appear much bigger, taller and only focus on the footsteps He places in front of you.

The world is full of sin due to the amount of deception. Many people have accepted deception to the point that they fear the truth.  It is not because they can’t handle the truth, but it is due to learned ignorance and unfamiliarity. On the contrary, it is important to seek the truth by any means necessary, to know and understand your truth, and to speak it so loudly that others have no choice but to hear you.

By the end of the film, Jane Doe is a completely different person. She is has grown and learned a skill set that will help her throughout life. What you endure will change you forever and that is great, because in life we should always be evolving.  Jane Doe is constantly bombarded with choices, and if she chooses not to change, she will suffer the consequences. Imagine being on a never-ending conveyor belt and every few seconds you must jump over a mass. If you hide behind the mass you will be crushed but if you trust yourself, divinely designed to jump upward, you will be rewarded with a blessing. You were designed beautifully and perfectly the way God envisioned you. Your model was built for the masses that consume you daily; you have the capabilities to jump over to the other side, you just need to trust God… and trust yourself.

If one were to promote a book called “The Meaning Of Life” claiming to have the answers, a guide to our very existence….Would you buy it? If these words on paper could sum up our individual purpose, would it be worth your while? And when the book hits the stands and you find that all the pages are empty, would you be disappointed? Would you be upset because your search of purpose was in vein? Or perhaps, would you grasp the concept, because the meaning of life is just that simple. Your life is your purpose, you choose to record it in your own history! The meaning to our very complex existence is exactly what you make of it! The pages are empty, and you are the writer.