As we grow, life happens, and changes happen. Changes to our lives personal & professionally. It’s a new year & some of us make “New Years Resolutions”, set new goals, place expectations on our selves & others. Expectations only let us down & hurt us. Therefore, imprisoning us.

This year I reflected on the things I wanted to accomplish. Setting goals! Goals make me feel happy & positive!!! To me I believe I set some very healthy goals. I chose not to participate in a “New Years Resolution” because I didn’t want the pressure of not meeting my goal by a certain time.

Somewhere along the way of when I was growing up as a little girl, I was taught by society (meaning parents, adults, teachers, media) that I would “fail” if I did not complete my “New Years Resolution”. So many times as the year went on & months were passing, I was so wrapped up in my life that honestly, I forgot about “my own new years resolutions”. So does that mean I was forgetting my own goals? Desires? I was attaching a negative feeling to the pressure of a new years resolution therefore they became my own prison or a blockage to completing what my good intentions & goals for my year was to begin with. I was actually the only one in my own way not completing what I set out to do each year when Jan 1st would roll around. I’m pretty sure we can all relate to this or know someone who has done the same thing.

First tool: Make that positive change & have NO EXPECTATIONS on ourselves or others

know & I repeat! I KNOW that everything is perfect in it’s perfect timing & with it’s imperfections (including ourselves)

Set goals do not set pressure. Why set a goal with a time pressure?

Example: This year I set a goal that I wanted to loose 15 pounds. Some think it’s realistic & others do not. This is not another’s goal, so right there take that factor away.

I set the goal of an amount I wanted to loose but did not put the pressure on myself of having to loose 15 pounds in two months! That to me would be setting my self up to fail. I want to succeed!!!

This is my goal, yes I want to complete it as quickly as I can. So, I thought on how I would get there realistically & healthy.

knowing how busy I am (you are), I scheduled in my workouts as if they were meetings or something to do with my son. I would never not pick him up from school right?! So put it in your calendar as if it is something so important to you that you will not cancel!

If I eat right, take the dog for a 5 minute longer walk then usual (I have to walk the dog anyways), little things like that get you to your goal & without the stress or pressure before you know it, your right where you want to be! You probably even enjoyed a cookie or a glass of wine here & there.

Do not beat yourself up! wouldn’t you be mad at someone if they called you fat, ugly, lazy, etc. So why do we say those things to ourselves? I do not know one woman whom isn’t guilty of beating themselves up from time to time.

Love yourself, chip away at your goals, each day you will see progress. living life should be happy, healthy, & seriously a lot of fun. It’s only as hard as we make it ourselves!

I wish you all a happy, prosperous, & healthy New Year!

Thank you to the team at for welcoming me & allowing me to become apart of your team! I’m filled with honor & truly grateful!!!

P.S. another personal goal of mine this year was to blog more on my personal website & now I’m working on two that I believe in!

I believe in you!!!

Light & Love. With the warmest of intentions,

Samantha Bennington PEACE