Slave to Caffeine: 5 benefits of being a coffee addict

I was never much of a coffee drinker. As a college student I did not pull all-nighters so there was no use for late night coffee runs or a cup the next morning to take on the day. I don’t drink soda so caffeine in general was not in my daily life. I was a fan of herbal teas and I stuck to that for the better half of my life.

Then, during my stint abroad, I began my obsession.

Traveling through Western Europe you tend to develop a taste for three things: Wine, Beer and Coffee.

I now know my drink of choice is red wine, particularly a good Cabernet or Syrah, I am not a fan of IPA’s and I love the taste of coffee.

I myself am a coffee purist; my go to order is a cup of brewed coffee or an Americano, limited sweetener and no milk or creamer.

From this moment on the obsession grew to addiction and I went from never drinking coffee to having 3 or 4 cups a week, simply because I enjoyed a good cup-o-Joe.

Then when I began working in the professional world 3-4 times a week turned into one cup a day.

Now, living in New York, a city that lives on coffee and dreams, I am on average drinking 2-3 cups a day.

The addiction is real and it is powerful, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Yes there can be some drawbacks like caffeine withdrawal headaches and limited productivity before your cup in the morning but there are real benefits at work too.

1.Once you get a cup of coffee in you, you are unstoppable.

Just like putting gas into a car, once you have your cup of coffee in the morning it is go time and you can run like a dream all day long.

2. Coffee is a natural appetite suppressant. So when you are struggling in the morning trying to rush out the door and only have time for a cup of coffee as you rush out the door, and eating a real breakfast is a pipe dream, you know it will hold you over for a while and you’ll survive the morning as long as you have you cup of coffee.

Priorities are key, yes we should all probably eat something but if it is between having your ritual cup v. an apple which are you really going to choose

3. There are a variety of ways to take your coffee, you’ll never get bored.


Cream and sugar






With milk, soy, almond

Sugar, splenda or raw sugar

The options are endless, you feeling extra groggy this morning? Get an extra shot. You have a sweet tooth? Get a sugary caramel frappe. Cold? Get a hot drink. Hot? Get a cold drink.

Pick your poison because the options are endless for a coffee drinker.

4. Save money on aspirin. If you have a headache, there is a good chance you just need a cup of coffee. Why invest in any headache medication when you can just grab a quick cup of coffee? The caffeine helps stimulate blood flow to the brain, minimizing or completely dissipating your headache.

5. There is nothing quite like starting your day off with a good cup of coffee (preferably French pressed). Whether it is on a relaxing Saturday morning or in a to go cup during your commute, having a ritual in the morning of taking the time for yourself to drink your coffee and take a moment before taking on your day is a necessity.

Don’t be afraid to develop an addiction to coffee. Your lifestyle and functionality may or may not have a dependency on your caffeine intake but it is a small price to pay.