Hi, I am the owner of Holistic Essentials, as small from home business. I love making all natural products for people. In this day and age with all the processing and unneeded chemicals in all of our products, it is important to try to use all natural when possible.  I make several different products, but my favorite is our lotion bars.  The are so luxurious and nourishing to the skin.  My family has gotten rid of all store bought lotions and moisturizes and we use lotion bars for everything, even on our lips. Essential oils are even added to our lotion bars to help with different ailments or to help fight off aging, cellulite, and varicose veins.

I have a friend that was kind of enough to share her experience with one of our lotion bars, her before & after photo. After the shower in the morning, she rubs one of our lotion bars on her feet and then puts socks on. This is a great added way to keep the moisture on your feet longer. At night just before bed, she uses the bar one more time. And in just two weeks, this photo shows her amazing results.



I hope you will stop by and take a look. Finding healthier natural ways to help wrinkles, acne, depression, pain, and more is important to all of us. Our lotions bars can do just that.

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