I just wanted to take this time out to lend you some sunshine. There will always be some shade even when the suns out, it’s just the way life spins, you know?

The key is to continue moving regardless of what reflects around you. We are not our environment but our environment IS us, which is why being educated and spreading awareness regarding climate change is critical. The key is to continue accelerating in life regardless of the weather but always being aware of your surroundings and how you can make things easier, safer and better for us all, most importantly our children.

Life is not easy by any means but if you can, try not to allow yourself to become jaded. Rather, be appreciative to small details about what IS good in life.

Be the light among someone else’s darkness and if you’re brave enough, continue shining though your own dark tunnels, there is light.

You do not require a reason to help people. You do good simply because you are good.

There are going to be people who hate you or don’t understand your mission. There are going to be people who don’t like you based off of their own perception, which is 100% a reflection on them.

You are enough and you matter in the big picture as well as the small. No matter what comes your way, just keep going. You don’t need to know how, why, or where, but keep moving.

Things eventually things will fall into place, that’s just the way it is. Good always wins.

I pray that G-d speaks to you and through you.
I pray for your enemies, I pray for your friends, I pray for your family. I pray for you and the people you’ve yet to meet.
I pray for your future, past and speak life into your present.
I pray for your dreams and desires to safely manifest. I speak forgiveness over guilt and mercy over shame.
I speak silence over your naysayers and justice towards the sin, lies and deceit.
I pray for calmness and peace amongst chaos and uncertainty.
You are so much more than words spoken by self-loathers who project their pain like venom onto you.
I pray that their words and toxicity boomerang directly back to the source. G-d said vengeance is his.

There is so much more to smile about. Spread love, let love consume you like Veruca Salt. Well, don’t turn into a blueberry in Wonka’s factory but think when Charlie was weightless like the bubbles which surround him. He was not thinking about all the burdens which were bestowed upon him.

When you have these moments in life that are truly fulfilling and incredible experiences – cherish them. Allow those pieces of magic to motivate your next steps, it won’t be easy but nothing in life worth having ever is.
Happy Sundae!