How Does It Happen? #Relationshipprobs

How does one catch feelings for someone they’ve known for a while? How does one fall for someone after a point in time where feelings weren’t even a possibility? We’ve all heard about love or lust at first sight. That’s simple. That’s easy.  But have you ever known a person as Joe Blow or Jane Doe and then one day, all of a sudden, YOUR EYES OPEN?

Could it be a co-worker you viewed as just that?  And then one day at the company picnic they became a possibility. A conversation sparked, an interest grew and a relationship fostered. If not in reality, at least in one’s mind. She bumped into him at the copy machine and realized his abs were firm and strong under those baggy shirts. She started talking about her party affiliation and he realized, “Hey, I think I like her.”

Could it be a church member or a classmate, your bank teller, delivery person or hair stylist? You were used to seeing them in business attire, but you ran into them at the grocery store. You noticed the nice, expensive running shoes that made you think, “Well, someone runs. He or she must be fit.” Or those spandex pants made his nature rise. Did his 395 lbs look fat until that night at the club you found out his bank account was even fatter?  All of a sudden, he looks good now!

Could Social Media be the reason behind the thought process? You look at a person one way and then web interactions give you an entirely different view. You click on 245 pictures, but you’re not a stalker. You like every post; just because. How does it happen? What changed your initial view?

I’m just wondering.  At what point does an acquaintance or friendship turn into something more? How does one let another know about one’s interest? And most importantly, does fear of rejection fuel the reason for not advancing the conversation?

I want to know your thoughts.  Please share!