The Naked Feminist: A Message For Every Young Girl and Her Parents

As women, we are constantly pitted against each other. Young girls are taught from a very young age that it is important to be beautiful. We are constantly being told how we should look, and how we should dress.


The world teaches women that their value is in their looks and their bodies. To combat these unfortunate societal norms, many of us identify with feminism. A feminist is a person who believes in the equality of men and women. In 2015, however, we see many women express over-sexuality, while calling it feminism.

The honest truth is that displaying naked women does not empower women. Oh but wait, we can’t say anything negative to hurt the feelings of those promoting sex and objectification women because then that’s “slut-shaming.” Let’s not say anything and continue to ignore it, subjecting our children to more perverse images, when in reality, sex trafficking has not slowed down, child exploitation is on the rise, and the sex industry continues to advertise and cater towards our youth. We continue to feed into young minds that being overtly-sexual is good and valuable.

We have become too sensitive for the wrong things; we try so hard not to offend the dysfunction, that we become a part of it.

There is a bigger issue here! You post sexually suggestive pictures online it puts you more at risk for sex-trafficking. Every 30 seconds, another person becomes a victim of human trafficking.

This is all connected to perverseness, lust and the objectification of women, which inherently makes those woman who are apart of “TheNakedFeminist” movement, contributors to the exploitation of women. How can more images of naked women empower a gender that in the past was looked at as nothing more than sexual objects? Some of these women who make it their “agenda” to push the boundaries of sexuality in the name of feminism have an underlining self-serving campaign for fame. If women choose to be overtly-sexual, that is their prerogative, but let’s not call it feminism.

Considering that women are being exploited every second somewhere around the globe, the boundaries do not need to be pushed, they need to be reset.

Why are we fighting over-sexualization with more nudity? The exploitation of women by women is still exploitation. Some women do not even realize that they are being exploited. Other women are being voluntarily exploited, but many do not see it, as objectification is a societal norm. Instead of taking our clothes off for social media challenges, we should be helping trafficked children put their clothes back on. Sex sells…souls and nothing else.

When I see these women fighting for the “right to be naked” it is reminiscent of an episode of “The Office” where Michael Scott decides to have a charity event for rabies, a disease that has been largely eradicated in America. The fact is that women have had the right to be naked and to be perceived as sexual objects for thousands of years.

Yes. Women should be allowed to dress their canvas how they see fit. However it should be noted that in a society that empowers dysfunctional behaviors to the point of status quo, we need less naked and half-naked women.

We need more educated and empowered heroes and role models of both genders.  We need more people concerned about an epidemic called inequality.

“Feminist” has become a trendy thing for women to call themselves without understanding the historical struggles and true meaning. A word that has so much meaning behind it has become no more than an accessory to our latte conversations. However, we can change that by educating ourselves. Instead of brushing it off, let’s make it our responsibility to change. We are women. There is an idea that a woman’s power is her body, when, in fact, the power of a woman lies within the woman herself. Today there’s an expectation that to be shocking you can pose naked; but it’s simply predictable. That’s why it is so important for there to be examples of strong, fearless women for our younger generation.

There are more people in slavery today than at any other time in history. (The Global Slavery Index 2014)

It is important to lift each other up, but also to stand up for what is right, when we see others going astray. That is honesty, and sometimes the truth hurts. Being honest is not about bringing others down, but it is about looking at the reality of women’s struggles and trying to keep pushing forward for equality.

The reality is that in society, in the workplace, and even sometimes in home life, women are still not treated or seen as equals.

Showing the world your naked body doesn’t prove you’re comfortable in your skin; it actually insinuates the opposite, because you’re seeking approval from the world. Your intention is for the world to see it and tell you how they feel because you don’t feel that within yourself. The reality is that you can feel secure and not seek attention or approval for your looks. Self love is necessary!

You can post pictures with clothes on and still be sexy, beautiful and stunning. However, you have to allow yourself time to grow into your crown.

The secret is:  Popularity doesn’t  equal  greatness. You have to look in the mirror and know that your body is your temple.  Guard it and value it.  You won’t find your self-worth in likes, photos, social media challenges. You have to believe in yourself and your capabilities. It’s easier said than done and we aren’t perfect but absolutely flawed humans. We are resilient even in our weakness.

There is nothing to be ashamed of if you have posted sexually suggestive photos. That’s your decision and your right.

We as humans sometimes forget how much we really do matter in that everything we do affects someone else. You never know who’s watching and how that will affect or influence them.

 It’s becoming caught up in the thought of, “it’s not my problem.” You matter, and what you do influences others. I’m just saying, you don’t need to show your body to be liked or to fill the emptiness you feel. Remember that the internet is forever. What you post will be there for your kids to see, your professors, your places of employment, your future husbands and wives, your parents etc. You can STILL BE SEXY! You can show some skin but remember, save something for yourself. God loves you just the way you are.

We cannot continue to belittle ourselves by relying on our sexuality to turn heads. Let’s focus on our minds, our ideas, our hearts and souls. Because, after all it’s our inner strength that has brought us through our past struggles; and it’s our inner strength that makes us women. The world needs real feminist and not just women who use the term to get attention.

Feminism! I believe it’s important to allow that term to keep its integrity, rather than being filed away in the graveyard of other words that pop culture killed.


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