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Wednesday 12 May 2021
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Happiness with Aromatherapy

Happiness with Aromatherapy

In these modern times there is an awful lot of emphasis on feeling happy most of the time. We know this isn’t possible, things happen which affects all of our emotive states. Sadness, anger, jealousy to name a few. However, the world of aromatherapy can help you at least try to maintain as happy a life as possible!

Essential oils are extracted from plants and can enhance psychological Wellbeing by relieving depression, stress, sadness and anxiety.

essential oils which can make us feel more happier are bergamot, geranium, rosé and grapefruit.

In 2003, a study by Jennifer Edge addressed effectiveness of aromatherapy massage on mood, anxiety and relaxation in adult mental health. Eight subjects were massaged once weekly for six weeks. At the end of this study the subjects level of anxiety were measured after the first and last massage. They found that six out of the eight subjects massaged had improved mood functions.

Further to this, another study, taken in Manhattans Sloan Kettering hospital, the scent of vanilla was shown to lighten the severity of the low mood experienced by the patients. This was an increase in mood by 63%.

The limbic system is said to be central to being responsible for the sense of smell and connection of these smells to emotions. The amygdala and thalamus are also said to facilitate the connection for expression of mood.

So, put a few drops of the above essential oils in a safe aroma burner around the house for uplifting and relaxing mood. The best thing about using essential oils are there are no side effects! Never take essential oils internally though, they can be toxic. If in doubt seek advice from a qualified aromatherapist.

Stay sunny!




Angela Mitchell

Qualified massage therapist with 13 yrs experience. Currently studying LifeCoaching. Mum to twins aged 10. Love everything to do with health and lifestyle, complementary health such as aromatherapy, Bach flower remedies. Was a writer at Choice Health magazine for 2 yrs