Ever heard of osteoporosis? This is a very common condition that occurs after the age of 40 years. It is where the bones begin to degrade and is more likely to occur in older ages. With bone degredation, curving of the spine can occur. Having good posture is one way to reduce your risk for this condition.open-uri20130126-6155-12o39j7

There are many benefits of having a good posture. You can help to maintain your health by aligning your body correctly. Problems such as back and neck pains can be reduced. Having good posture can be done when walking, sitting, sleeping, standing, driving or even exercising.

There is a vicious cycle where poor posture leads to back pain, which in turn leads to worse posture and more back pain. To practice good posture, stand with your back against the wall placing your heels about 6 inches from the wall. Only your head, back and buttocks should be touching the wall. This helps with alignment. Feel what good posture feels like and practice it constantly! Walk straight up, keeping your chin parallel to the ground.

Good posture can also help with the following:

  • Better breathing
  • Helping with digestion
  • Reducing the risk for certain health conditions
  • Boosts concentration and thinking ability

Practice having a good posture! Feel the benefits in keeping your back straight. Whenever you feel the urge to slouch, remember this article! You want to avoid unnecessary health problems and boost your confidence. Always remember to focus on aligning your body and keeping your back straight. Keep practicing against the wall. Eliminate all bad habits and postures. Change furniture if you have to! Get a great quality chair that can help with your posture. Value your health and reduce your risk! Love, laugh and live well and healthy.


By: Candida Khan10710747_10154631578850246_8809249079204463700_nyyy

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