Just Do It! Go for what you want! Don’t Be Afraid, What Do You Have To Lose?

Opportunities come our way all the time but if we are not clear, unbound, caught up in the chaos, we cannot see the opportunity and capture the moment. I’m all about the moment but if your anything like me and are multi tasking, staying focused and in the present moment is very difficult but it can be done!

I have learned to enjoy the “Pull”. If I wasn’t busy and constantly challenging myself to grow I think I would be bored to death. I constantly love the learning process and with this being said as I sit in my studio that we are converting into an office, radio show, where I write, create, & even party a little (Nothing more than a bottle of wine lol), with all that being said, my friends will honestly tell you I reach out, need adult time, need grounding, a walk, a run on the beach, personal time, and I try to stay in touch with all my friends. It literally is on a balancing cycle. Don’t all of us need a balancing cycle???

I know I write/chat about balance a lot but without balance I would fall over. Literally!

The thing is that anyone can be successful because all they have to do is try. I try to always have intention and take action. I Really try to stay positive, although as a “Life Coach” I come across extremely serious situations. So when your out there trying new ventures, idea’s, & dreams just do it because your successful just by taking action. I tell others that may want to pass judgment, that I’m successful and it’s not always monetary. I’m successful because at least I try and I learn. If it doesn’t work out as planned. That just get’s me ready and more prepared for the next go around. The good old college try right?!

So If you think it, want it, well I say go for it! Live without fear & live your life with tons of memories & the ability to tell stories to all whom is in your life about all the things you have done & experienced not the things you “wished” you did.
Light & Love,

Samantha Bennington