When you and your friends can’t decide on what club to hit up may I suggest the best possible solution in this situation? Go bar hopping. It’s like sampling bars to see which one’s the hot spot, and which are not.

When you get tired of one place, hit the streets again and go rage elsewhere. But take it from a fellow bar-hopping gal, you need to know what you’re getting into.

Tip #1. Eat before you flee.
You can always grab something to eat at one of the bars but who has time for that when you’re bar-hopping. Plus, the number one rule besides NEVER to mix light and dark, is to eat before you start sipping. Drinking on an empty stomach never ends pretty for the pretty (or any one for that matter).

Tip #2. Leave out at a descent time.
Even bars have free or reduced pricing before a certain time, and when you catch these times, you save, save, save. The less you spend the better.

Tip #3. Don’t drink too much at one spot
This is the golden rule of bar-hopping, especially for my ‘light weights’. Too much to drink at one bar will leave no room for fun at the next. You’ll be too hammered to enjoy. So keep it at a minimum for each bar.

When there’s a fork in the road on where to go
Always chose bar-hopping, it’s the best route
Trust me I know.