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Sunday 7 March 2021
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3 Survival Tips for “One of Those Days”

3 Survival Tips for “One of Those Days”

3 Survival Tips for “One of those days”

We have all had one of those days where our hair isn’t cooperating or we just don’t feel like ourselves. Whether it’s not enough caffeine or lack of sleep, we all have been there. Here are some survivals tips every girl should have for those kinds of days!


  1. Mind: You’re beautiful. You were made perfectly! So no matter what, remember that this is just one of those days. Never forget what a masterpiece you are. Affirmations are essential. These are awesome for everyday but when you’re feeling down and out these are a must! Music is the ultimate healer, play your favorites tunes. However, avoid the slow songs and sad songs; you know the type where you look in the mirror watching yourself cry type songs. Avoid them.
  1. Body: A little mascara and lip gloss never hurt anybody! These two items are basic essentials on any given day. If you are feeling out of it today, never underestimate bright eyes. Of course great lips are always the best accessory. It’s always a great idea to exercise when you’re feeling low, because excising releases endorphins, which make you happy! Yoga is extremely good for the body and mood.
  1. Soul: Cater to your soul. Mediation is found to calm the body and mind. Maybe you’ve never tried it before; if so, today is a great opportunity to try something new. Positive vibes only! Stay Away from stressful television shows, people, music, and situations alike. You need this day to nurture yourself. Be among nature, it’s God’s creation so you already know that it’s healing.


When you’re having one of these days, take care of you. Remember, you are loved, you are beautiful, and you are grace and full of purpose. You are beautiful with or without these steps. Regardless, I hope this helps.

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Simenona Martinez is an avid writer and business woman. She is passionate about making the world a better place.