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Monday 27 June 2022
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Why Eyelash Extensions Are the Way to Go!

Why Eyelash Extensions Are the Way to Go!

In the world of makeup, mascara is the key necessity to add a touch of flare to one’s lashes. The makeup market today includes a variety of different styles of brushes, formulas, ingredients, and desired effects for avid mascara users to achieve in their everyday look or a more special occasion.

Eyelashes have received a lot of hype lately and it’s not just because of all the high end or stellar drug store mascaras one can buy. Lately, eyelash extensions have had increasing popularity.

I was a person who multi-layered mascara and used two to three brands a day just to achieve butterfly, pronounced, and beautiful lashes.

Simply put, for many people who find themselves like me who are major mascara users, I’m here to provide a different approach to stunner lashes: eyelash extensions for a handful of good reasons!

  1. They are not as expensive as you think – Many people who are skeptical of getting lash extensions often think that they are way up in the price range spectrum. Truthfully, some lash places are more pricey than others. Yet, with a good amount of research including Google and Yelp, you are sure to find an affordable and workable eyelash extension place within price region and location depending where you live.
  1. No more mascara – Yes, you still can continue with your everyday makeup routine such as foundation, bronzer, lip shades, eyeshadow, and even eyeliner. Yet, the art of applying mascara is not apart of your mornings anymore. Lash extensions stay on very well. More importantly, they allow you to look like you have full, fresh lashes with what many would think are coated with mascara. The beauty is, no more applying, buying, or using mascara, except to coat the bottom lashes if desired.
  1. You can choose any style or type of lashes– Eyelash extensions can come in various styles, thickness, styles and so forth. You can choose to have very light and natural looking lashes. Or you can go with a more voluminous look that includes thick, long lashes to add drama. Each eyelash extension place includes options for people wishing to get lashes. You choose how natural or dramatic you wish your lash extensions to be!
  1. They are easy to maintain – Many people think lash extensions are a pain because they require a lot of maintenance. Lashes may be a bit more fragile than your natural lashes. Yet, they are to be washed once or every other day with either regular face wash or eyelash cleansing foam specifically made for false lashes. Lastly, they stay on very well and endure through makeup, swimming, activities, showers, and so forth. You do need to be a bit more careful, yet with a fill scheduled every 2-3 weeks, the lash set becomes replenished and full!

Whether you have been thinking about it or not, lash extensions are an ongoing investment many people are making. They are an exceptional feature that adds to one’s overall makeup look. Consider your options if you are over your daily mascara troubles. Lash extensions are definitely the way to go!


Nicole Scott is a Psychology and Communications major at Pepperdine University and Pepperdine School of Law. Nicole has a passion for people, communications, and writing. As a psychology major, Nicole works with children and teens with mental health. She longs to help all people garner creativity and freedom of expression. She desires that women understand and embrace their value, uniqueness, and overall worth as individuals that can love and be loved. Nicole has a love for exercise, travel, shopping, fashion, writing, music, and much more.