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Tuesday 24 May 2022
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5 Tips For Successful Female Entrepreneurs

Even though we work in the predominately men’s business world, during the last couple of decades, the female started gaining more...


5 Networking Tips for Women Entrepreneurs

Are you looking for a practical way to grow your network of people who can improve your professional and personal life? Do you want to meet...


5 Tips to Building a Successful Career in Teaching

Being a teacher is probably the easiest and the hardest job in the world. Shaping the minds of the new generation is wonderful and...

This and That, the struggles of Major Life Changes

So in about 2 weeks I will be going from So Cal sunshine, a climate and lifestyle I have known and enjoyed the entirety of my 22 years on...

Motivation Monday: Planning

Motivation Monday: Now is the Right Time

Motivation Monday: Setting Goals

3 Awesome Features in Canva You Didn’t Know About

If you are an entrepreneur or teacher you’d find Canva to be an amazing tool for your needs. What?! What do either of those types of...

Success Is Just One’s View

Image by http://brandonsteiner.com/blog/success/ The dictionary defines success as the accomplishment of one’s goals. A...