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Tuesday 24 May 2022
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Stop Asking Why

Stop Asking Why



“When all the details fit in perfectly, something is probably wrong with the story.”
– Charles Baxter

When I was younger I would read book series like Nancy Drew and the Babysitter’s club. When I look back now, I find that there was a great element of mystery involved, or simply there was a dilemma to be solved.

Life in itself is a mystery. When we continuously probe through life with “why” we will not experience “it”. It is life. When we try to navigate through something that is so unpredictable, it will drive us mad. Many people could save themselves a great deal of energy and time if they would simply would stop questioning life and start living it.

It’s a wonderful thing to be curious, but it can be destructive if our curiosity turns into being consumed and preoccupied with trying to figure out life instead of embracing it, cherishing it, and living it in its fullness.

In whatever experience you may face, it could be easy to dissect the experience and figure out all the gismos, gadgets, and formulas of why this is happening, how long will this end, what is the purpose of this? These, as initial thoughts with any experience, can be normal. Yet, we have the choice to live life instead of questioning it.

If life had a formula, then many people might not even choose to solve it; they might simply question the formula. Rather, you must live it.

We can question almost any areas of our lives: ourselves, our relationships, our careers, our experiences, and if you allow yourself, almost anything.

Some people inherently are more lax, more laid back by nature. However, some people need to know all the details, all the reasons, all the explanations that life can offer them. They seek for it, they yearn for it, and its almost addictive to the point where they need explanations for their experiences, trials, triumphs, and every single little moment.

You can easily miss a series of moments when you spend time questioning life or trying to find answers. The sad truth is that life’s situations do not always have answers. The answers don’t always exist. Some answers might exist but they would cause you to run around like a chicken with your head cut off to even find a remotely satisfactory answer.

One of the most freeing realizations is that you can live life and stop deliberately questioning it. Life goes on and we are often left in the dust standing their puzzled asking life to “hold up, stop, I’m trying to figure this out”

Life moves and winds and bends and undergoes a myriad of transitions in its nature. If you hop on the journey of life instead of questioning all the big and little details of the journey, you’ll find what it means to truly live.

Live life, stop questioning it.



Nicole Scott is a Psychology and Communications major at Pepperdine University and Pepperdine School of Law. Nicole has a passion for people, communications, and writing. As a psychology major, Nicole works with children and teens with mental health. She longs to help all people garner creativity and freedom of expression. She desires that women understand and embrace their value, uniqueness, and overall worth as individuals that can love and be loved. Nicole has a love for exercise, travel, shopping, fashion, writing, music, and much more.