With the whole Oscar’s so white controversy, even if you’re not going to tune in to watch it, you can’t help but wonder what the host Chris Rock is going to say (I know I’m one of them). Is he going to address the elephant in the room? How is he going to go about it? Is he going to add a bit of humor to the situation or leave the comedy out of it because it is such a big issue?

These are all questions that are going through your mind if you’re like me, someone who is against the Oscars prejudice actions. If you’re puzzling over what you should do, you have two options: read about it on social media (because people will keep you posted) or watch what Chris says and turn right after. This is an issue that has been going on in Hollywood for years and needs to be address now.

A question that may even pop in your head besides what will Chris Rock say is, how does the fellow attendants feel about the so white controversy, and does attending means you’re not taking a stand if you are black? What will happen after the Oscars, will celebrities continue to make a stand in Hollywood or is it just for one night?

Being that this has been an ongoing problem in Hollywood, why now? I agree with Morgan Freeman when he told Variety, “If we’re going to talk about diversity in the film industry, we don’t need to start with the Academy Awards.”

What are your thoughts?