┬áIf you haven’t heard of the oil cleanse method, you should check it out. It seems very strange to wash and moisturize your face with oils, but it is really the best for your skin. It balances your skin out and gives it everything it needs to look and feel beautiful. Store bought products have so many chemicals in them. They help, but eventually make your skins issues resurface so you have to buy more. Plus, they are so expensive!


My routine; in the shower I rinse my face off with only water and an exfoliating washcloth. Once out, I use a combination of oils for a moisturizer. Primrose oil, avocado oil, argan oil, grapesead oil and a few drops of Edens Garden Age Defy essential oil. I push into my skin in a circular motion and let it soak in for a few seconds. Then, I start my makeup routine.


The oils even make my foundation look better. Check out this video from famous makeup artist Wayne Goss.


In the evening, I use a different combination of oils to wash my makeup off. I have Castor oil mixed with Grapeseed oil. I pour a bit in my palm and rub in a circular motion into pores. Do not put water on your face first, as oil and water do not mix and this will keep the oil from fully getting into pores. Once I have rubbed the oil combo into skin for a minute or so, I then gently rub into eye area to remove mascara. The oils will remove all your makeup. With some hot water, as hot as you can handle it, I wet a washcloth and lay it on my face and neck. I press the washcloth all over and repeat this step again. After the second hot washcloth, I begin to wipe everything off. And that is it! You can leave your skin like that or personally, I like to add my moisturizer oils, so they can really soak in all night while I sleep.


I hope you will give it a try!

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