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Tuesday 9 August 2022
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How to Get Away With Murder Recap: Plus The Alternate Ending They Didn’t Show You

How to Get Away With Murder Recap: Plus The Alternate Ending They Didn’t Show You

Last night was an epic season finale of ABC’s hit series How to Get Away With Murder, incase you wasn’t aware.  In the 2-hour season finale we found out who killed Lila (finally!), Frank (Charlie Weber). As fans saw, Frank was given the ‘order’ to kill Lila by Sam who mentioned “…you owe me.” What did he mean by that?

Meanwhile, the students thought it was Rebecca (Katie Findlay) who seemed to have her sheets ripped off from her bed of lies. So what did they do? They tied her up in Mrs. Keatings’ bathroom, who eventually put her in the basement. Talk about integration. And while Annalise, associates and students (except one) try to get answers from Rebecca about Lila’s murder, the D.A tries to get answers from Asher about Sams murder.

But that still wasn’t half the juice that spilled in last night season finale. Did I mention Conner and boy toy Oliver went to get tested for S.T.Ds (which I thought was a great way to promote awareness)? Thankfully,  Conner, the sex addict, was negative and Oliver…well we’ll see how he handles that next season. And lets not forget about Nate. Framing him for murder was just the beginning. Getting him beat-up in prison and making it look like he had an altercation with Sam (with all good intentions…we hope) well that was just more unexpected twist from last night.

With one murder solved, who would have guessed another mystery murder would take place. The finale ended with Frank and Annalise finding Rebecca’s body downstairs. But want to know the other ending they didn’t show you? Viola Davis revealed on last night episode with Jimmy Kimmel, that in that ending she walks down the stairs to the cellar, calling Rebecca’s name and finds her dead in her chair, tied up.

“I love the ending by the way,” Davis said, “I just think it’s still heart pounding. It’s just filled with so many moments that we didn’t expect. I’m glad I didn’t have anything to do with it, I’m trying to make some people like me.”

Don’t worry, we love you.

With S.T.Ds, more framing, finding out Frank is a hit man, and another unsolved murder, we can’t wait till next season.

Who do you think killed Rebecca?

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