I’m really excited about this new chapter in my life. I live an extremely blessed life and want for nothing. I have it all and for that I am extremely  grateful.  Sometimes, I would ponder if there was more out there for me and I suppose that’s natural. I don’t mean in the sense of the “grass being greener on the other side,” as I grew out of that way of thinking in middle school.

Life is all about effort and focus, the amount of dedication you put into those factors determine the results. Well, for the most part anyway because sometimes we aren’t given good material from the start and we must seek those missing elements. I found, in my search for such that many stops along the way will appear enticing, temptation always is. The best thing that I have ever learned is to always remain logical even in the most illogical situations and circumstances. For example, with love or dealing with mentally inadequate people. I have always seen the best in people because I am not perfect.  It is factual that nothing in life is black and white. It’s simple, everyone has a back-story, whether you’re interested in hearing it or not.

Relationships are no different from investments, each of them have their own set of risks.  Some may start out as easy money but end in bitter overdrafts. It happens, its life. During these times, it becomes extremely important to not give up. The world is sick, period and people will hate you regardless of if you’re Mother Teresa or Taylor Swift. 100% of the time it has NOTHING to do with you. It’s always about them, their feelings, their insecurities, their childhood, their hang-ups, etc. However, you can’t allow that to bring you down but what can do is add them to your prayer list.

This year so far has been interesting to keep it short but exciting no less. I’m ready for something new, exciting, stimulating and intense. I no longer have any intentions of focusing on anything I have chosen to give up. It’s time to focus on me and those who actually have good intentions for me. My goal, as its always been is to help the world and inspire. That’s what I have always done and that’s what I will always do, as so long as I am breathing, I am giving.  I have an enormous amount of love and affection to give, often times its been wasting on the wrong people.  In 2017, I am changing that because my only focus is doing more of Gods work and becoming consumed by good. I want to bring, laughter, healing, bonding, a listening ear, and a open heart. I want to change the world with empathy, kindness and compassion. I think the world needs more of that and of course, honesty at the core.

Unfortunately, I became a little side tracked and begun to  unfocused. The biggest achievements of my life are forthcoming because every day is a new opportunity to do good. I want to bring life and light wherever I go. I want my EGO to die, along with my pride so I can give purely. I pray for that every day, the death of my ego and pride. I don’t want them and I rather they be replaced with love.  When I look into the eyes of a child, I see so much opportunity and life. Every child, everywhere, represents the beauty of a blessing and a CHANCE. Which is frankly what every child deserves but few will receive. I don’t care if the world can’t recognize my FACE, but YOU WILL KNOW MY HEART. My heart has a lot of love of love to give and brain is packed with ideas for world betterment, that’s my focus. That’s the lawn that I water every day because water is life. Life is so precious and every moment we have a chance to make things great.  So, why wait to spread the love that consumes my heart every second of the day and that love that the world needs so desperately? As so long as I am breathing, I am giving – Simenona