I’m reaching out to the World, October 8, 2014 for a Call to Peace.

This call is for anyone who is hurting, confused, angry, scared or indifferent. The world is hurting, people are hurting and today that has to change. Today is the day that we all can make a difference to better ourselves as well as our futures. It is not going to be easy but we can do it, we have no choice. Much like everything in life, it’s a process, and things take time; but if we start today, success becomes closer. This is for the believers and non-believers, skeptics and cynics alike, today we have to believe in something bigger than ourselves. PEACE.

The world is in pain, but today we have an opportunity to wipe her tears. If we stand together as one, we will be triumphant in healing her abrasions. Everyone around the world must stand up for peace because it is better than the alternative, which is no future at all.

This is not about a hash-tag for a day, it’s a serious call to peace. This requires change.

  • You who are hurting have valid reasons because you have been wronged.
  • You have seen and experienced injustice in every element.
  • You want your voice to be heard and you most certainly have that right.
  • You have the right to stand up to injustice because have been wronged.
  • Your country, city, town or province feels the massive hurt of injustice, prejudice, crimes, racism, death, slavery, genocide, and war.
  • Your hurt is validated.
  • You don’t feel heard as a community.
  • You feel as though your rights and voice mean nothing when it comes to change.
  • You feel singled out and muted at times.
  • You just want justice; you just want to be heard.
  • You don’t think anyone can understand your pain. I can understand how that would make you feel.
  • You feel like the media doesn’t portray the full story and protest brings more negative headlines, rather than the truth, your truth.
  • You feel like you’re not measuring up at school, in your marriage, with your friends.
  • You feel isolated and misunderstood.
  • You’re bullying others or being bullied yourself because you’re unhappy
  • You’re “hate-commenting” online
  • You got laid off or can’t find work to pay your bills.
  • You’re struggling with illness without insurance or you’re just afraid.

Everyone is hurting together. Though you may think no one else feels your pain, they do. Pain is not a competition but a common denominator in destructive behavior.

Each side wants justice. Each of you wants to feel validated by knowing what happened to you and your communities matters. It does. We may feel as though coming to an agreement may make the world forget our struggles, your history.  It’s natural to feel that way. We must never forget what each of us has bared. It’s fact. It’s a part of history. We must, however, understand that coming to agreement reflects growth and is in the best interest of us all as citizens of the world, as human beings. It’s not about minimizing your history but maximizing the future. We must each do our apart because everyone matters. You are a piece of the puzzle of life, we need each piece to see the BIG Picture.

We must remember that the healing is in our truth and not war. If we continue to fight for the Now then there will be nothing left in the future, because what was built in the past in our communities will inevitably become causalities in the midst of war. If we continue to fight, the precious things that we are attempting to guard, will no longer have security because war knows no limits. There will be nothing left to fight for, literally.

So we just sit and do nothing? No. You speak your truth and stand up for what you believe in, peacefully. Peace has never been obtained by fighting with the force of war. Peace is not to be fought for but to be put into action, by action.

This Call to Peace requires a peaceful sit down between all parties.  This Call to Peace is to the World because the future deserves better, we deserve better. Let’s work together to find common ground and lay our burdens and our weapons down.