Aromatherapy for Weight Management

Whether you may be wishing to gain or lose weight, even just maintaining your weight, there are suitable essential oils just for you!

to understand how these can possibly work, here is an outline on how essential oils affect the body to produce the desired effects. Essential oils indeed help in reducing/ increasing weight by working on the part of the brain that deals with satiety, as well as in the breakdown and release of unwanted fats and toxins from the body. Certain essential oils can also help fight the sugar cravings. Bear in mind that these still need to be used in conjunction with keeping to a healthy diet and some form of exercise.

satiety or a sense of fullness is regulated by a part of the brain called the hypothalamus. Our nose and olfactory nerve (sense of smell) is also connected to the hypothalamus. As we already know, essential oils have odour molecules. These travel along to the top of the nasal cavity, making their way through the mucous membrane and eventually binding to the receptor sites on the olfactory nerve. From this point, individual odour molecules are taken by the limbic lobe in the brain and intensified in a way that enables the brain to respond to these stimuli. The limbic lobe sends its information to the hypothalamus, which controls the ability to feel full.

essential oils for reducing weight are:

Fennel – blend 6 drops with lemon, 4 drops, and basil, 5 drops in 30mls of grapeseed carrier oil. Rub on wrists and temples or add to a bath ( do not use soap) pat dry after the bath.

Grapefruit- blend this metabolic increasing oil using 7 drops along with bergamot, 6 drops, and ylang ylang 3 drops, again adding to 30 mls of grapeseed carrier oil with same instructions as above.

Essential oils for Increasing weight :

bergamot, blend 5 drops with 4 drops of mandarin and 6 drops of ginger, adding to 30mls grapeseed carrier oil. Same instructions.

you may also add these blends to a diffuser/ burner, so that you are inhaling the molecules throughout the day. You can purchase these at any good health store retailer.

always perform a skin patch test before embarking on using any new oils. Please do remember that in any weight loss/ gain programme it is usually best to consult with your doctor before you embark on it.

good luck!

Angela 🙂