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Thursday 18 July 2019
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Weight Loss Journey: Motivation Matters

Weight Loss Journey: Motivation Matters

First, we cannot stress enough the obvious: weight loss is a journey. It will have its obstacles, holes on the road, wrong turns, work in progress signs, but it will also have its milestones, destinations and goals. A bumpy road does not mean you should quite. Au contraire ladies, a bumpy road means that you should show all of your strength to overpower it. The challenges you will face will be numerous. Some will come from the outside and some from the deepest corners of your mind. Before you go to any journey, you have to have a map. In the same way, before you start your weight loss process, you have to know all the challenges you will face and means for overcoming them.
Social Influence on Your Diet
It is obvious that most of our eating habits come from parental influence. If majority of your family members is eating portions full of carbs, while you are chewing on your tasty salad, it will only be harder for you to be persistent. Be prepared to say “No” at their every “Hey why don’t you try some? It is delicious”. Be aware that eating is one of the most common forms of entertainment. In many social events you will be tempted to eat just because everyone else does. Your friends will often be a fat influence on your diet choice. If they order a stake in restaurant, it is highly likely that you will do the same. Embarking this endeavor together with a friend and eating cold pressed soups together will be much easier.

The Outside Pressures
The pressures to be a certain size in today’s society are often overwhelming. Be sure you are starting the weight loss process because of your health and so that you would feel happier and not because what other people say. Be prepared that sometimes, even when you lose weight, the stigma of overweight will follow you. And if those judgments come from other people, you should at least make sure they do not come from you. After all, you are the only one who knows how much effort and time was invested in achieving the goal, and you must, at least, be proud at yourself.
Choosing the Diet and Fitness Regime
There is no one universal diet and fitness regime. The more adapted are those things to your specifics, the more chances you will have to succeed. In order to find what suits you the best, it would be a good idea to consult professionals. Consider your personal needs, budget and preferences. If you think that eating healthy is expensive, do not worry, there are many great recipes that you can make in your home by using some ordinary foods. Before deciding for fitness regime you have to know your long term objectives. And you do not even have to sweat in the gym. There are number of ways to get rid of pounds that are suitable for different personalities. Try zumba, CrossFit, boxing, dancing, yoga, etc.
Stay Motivated
Now that you know all the obstacles, it is important that, through all the hardships, you do not back down. Your mental approach to this issue can mean the difference between failure and success. Choose one long term goal and several attainable close goals. Create a plan and write down all your accomplishments and setbacks. Visualize the new you. Knowing where you want to be in some time will help you be persistent at this moment. Still, you should not obsess with pounds. That will not get you anywhere. By measuring yourself every week (and you really cannot slim much in one week) you will only get depressed. Instead, step onto the scale once a month, so you could follow the progress. One more way to keep up with the progress is to have a photo diary, where you can take your pictures monthly. Uncover any emotional obstacles, such as sadness and anger, for overeating or giving up your goals. Celebrate your every achievement and forgive yourself for any failure. It is all human.
Whatever your journey will be, we wish you fair winds and following sea. Remember that you can do anything you set your mind to.


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