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Monday 1 March 2021
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Your Guide to the Best Summer of Your Life!

Your Guide to the Best Summer of Your Life!
Wanna Party
Like A Rock Star
This Summer…

We work tirelessly throughout the year, fixing problems, supporting ourselves, enduring stressful meetings and of course, paying bills. We deserve a break! How you ask? Because unless you’re in college, high school, or teach you don’t have the luxury of summer vacation. Or do you?
It’s times like these that we must be Affordable & Creative! 🙂
A vacation is really a state of mind. It’s not always about the R & R but the easy
                             Equation:  X = (-W-D):  No Work, No Drama then X must equal STAYCATION
This Guide Has Something For Everyone!  


Beach or Lake Getaway:
It’s really one of the most relaxing places to be during the summer. If you live around a beach, never underestimate packing up the family equipped with sandwiches, cool drinks, and the family dog. Or you without your family (I am not judging). It’s a simple, instant getaway, and super affordable. If you want to beat the trafficand the sun, get there at 11am. You if get there at 11am there shouldn’t be many people (Varies by beaches). It’s still early enough, where it’s not that hot and by the time noon comes you can enjoy the heat and your reserved tanning area.
(Beach Locator) http://bit.ly/1mDcxFr

Al Fresco:

We often overlook the awesome power of a picnic or for you manly men out there, a “Man Spread.” Depending upon where you are, you don’t have to use a blanket. Everyone can bring their own chairs (B.Y.O.C.) or find a place with benches.

Tables are optional. The great thing about this idea is, it doesn’t have to be in a park, it could be a beach, in the mountains, in a backyard, garage, etc. You design your own backdrop! 
Depending on the openness of the location you chose, you can invite as many people you want. You have an instant outdoor club, BBQ, Get together, Hangout, Hotspot, you name it.  Plug in your iPod, get the food flowing, to drink or not to drink, maybe portable TV, and forget about Monday temporarily. 
Also, with the correct light and proper weather…you’ve got a night club for the outsiders.

Always BE respectful of your neighbors by notifying them!! Read your state laws, check with the Fire Marshall, and understand your rights. Party SMART!


Who doesn’t love board games in the PARK? Sometimes in order to have fun you have to try things that are out of your comfort zone.  This is an awesome twist on family game night because it’s outdoors!  There is more space to play the games and get creative. It’s a change of scenery for the little ones, oh and did I mention it’s FREE?


Pool Side:

This works for the family because it’s easy and you can grill up some veggie hot dogs and invite school friends. You’ve got a party. This always works for obvious reasons from food, friends, music, and bikinis. Do I need to go on or….?

(Pool Party) http://bit.ly/1nbNlSv

Nature & Trails:
This is an awesome way to get together with all your girls and get that much needed exercise… I mean girl talk. It’s a great way to get all the girls together for a great experience and maybe some meditation. Depending upon where you go, at the top of your quest some take that opportunity to “let it all out” or yell. You can take a BIBLE and read. Be still with God. It’s a nice healing activity for the girls. Also, for the guys it’s an opportunity for fitness, hanging out, and maybe some friendly competition.  It’s also a great activity to do alone.
(Trail and Hiking) http://bit.ly/VQ0o6o & http://bit.ly/VQ0XNJ
Night Life:

There are some night clubs that are free but sometimes only if you’re a girl. If you’re creative with a den, patio, or have big back yard, then you might be in luck, and if you are really lucky, Home Depot might be having a sale. The beauty about this is-ANYONE can do this! You don’t have to spend a million dollars to do this because it works out for all budgets. Taste really depends on the person, but remember: less is more.

Considering that some clubs play from an iPod anyway and it’s usually the same playlist, why not make your own, more exciting club adventure? You can take back your drinks, entry fee and control your own club. Depending upon where you live, the neighbors you might want to go for a lounge feel rather than a full blown night club. The best thing about the back yard idea is people don’t have to use your house for an entry point aside for the bathroom.
It doesn’t stop there…Movie Anyone?
Know Musicians?  Don’t forget your glow sticks! Remember let your imagination run wild. It’s your canvas!

Always BE respectful of your neighbors by notifying them!! Read your state laws, check with the fire marshal, and understand your rights. Party SMART!

Resources:  (Decorations) http://tgt.biz/1juO6LH


Seeing how not everyone likes to go out and party or even leave the house, I want to say this: isolation is not healthy. Find friends who are like-minded. Be creative and put together awesome activities based on your interests, and like-minded people will come. When you host an event, you control the terms.
Having said that…


The Book Club:
This is a fantastic way for avid readers to kick off the summer right! A book club offers so many great gifts like intellectual conversations, creating new ideas, perspectives, friendships and mostly important: reading.

(How to Start A Book Club) http://bit.ly/1mDvY0S

Living Room Lounge:
This works on many different levels because you don’t have to have a lot of people. Honestly, this works with maybe about 5 or 10 people. All you have to do is provide the finger food, drinks, and light music playing in the background. It’s a great way to unwind for the day. It’s a great opportunity to talk about politics, your kids, current events, gossip, and fashion alike. It’s just what the doctor ordered for parents who are in need of adult interaction.

(How to Throw a Dinner Party)  http://bit.ly/1iMiLlE

Board games are GREAT for the family. However, we often overlook the fact that they are many adult board games. Depending upon your mood, personality and social circle, your imagination can run wild.  This is a good option for a group date and just getting to know other people in a social setting. There are super fun board games out there, you just have to do your research and most of all, be creative.

(Adult Board Games) http://bit.ly/1oHjFPA

Pillows, Pajama, Popcorn:
It’s no surprise that THIS is my favorite! So you get all your girlfriends to bring two pillows. They must come in pajamas with a snack. If you have a lot of girlfriends one pillow per person might work. You clear a space in your living room or den. You lay down blankets on the floor or sheets work too. When the party starts all your girls throw their pillows on the floor. This then, creates a HUGE sort of  “mattress” and everyone has room to sit, talk, sip, eat, and sleep. You must have music or movies to watch. It’s exciting and silly. There is no age limit on fun. This is great if you are 25 or 45 years old. Remember, you set the taste and theme. Sometimes it feels good to sit and watch TV with the girls. Have fun! Be Silly! Be Yourself!

(Pillows) http://bit.ly/TVslrO

Other Ideas:
Road Trips
Water Balloons
Paint Ball
Miniature Golfing
You can have fun on any budget. It’s really about the people with whom you surround yourself.  Be yourself and let your imagination run wild.  Summer is all about the outdoors! Remember, you set the taste and theme. Themes are important. 
Always be respectful to yourself and others around. You don’t have to DRINK to have to a GOOD time!! But if you do, drink responsibly.

Now, Are YOU ready for the SUMMER?
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Simenona Martinez is an avid writer and business woman. She is passionate about making the world a better place.