New data shows that sextortion is becoming all too common online. Scammers are threatening to share compromising images of victims unless they get money in return. In 2018, the FBI says it cost victims $83 million. 
Children and adults can be manipulated into giving money, sex or illicit images to predators. 

The FBI recently launched a campaign, sharing posters with schools to help educate kids about sextortion. Many victims feel like they should not report it because they’d get in trouble or there’s no way out. Yet, the FBI hopes to end this cycle of crime by educating both children and parents about risks, warning signs and resources that can help victims. 

The FBI is now offering tips for parents on “How to Talk About Sextortion with Your Kids: Three 30-Second Conversations.”

The internet and social media can be dangerous. It is important to protect you and your loved ones at all times.