Product Review: Eyeliner residue is no longer an issue

Believe it or not there is a make-up remover product that does more than remove make-up, dirt and oil. It removes that stubborn eyeliner that never seems to go away…till now.

Neutrogena natural purifying make-up cleansing wipes are the best thing I have used to remove all traces of my make-up.

So what made me use these Neutrogena wipes in the first place? Influenster. I signed up for this website that sends you full-size products in the mail for you to test and use, and then share your reviews through social media. But in order for you to receive perks in the mail you have to have a large following on your social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook. And they decided to send me the Neutrogena wipes in the mail to use and share my experience with others. At first I saw these wipes as just another brand of wipes (nothing special). But one day when returning from a night out with friends, I decided to use the wipes to remove my make-up. I did not expect the wipes to removes my eyeliner in three swipes. If you’re like me it usually takes forever and a day for eyeliner to be completely removed and these wipes left no residue behind. I was still skeptical. I thought maybe I had on less eyeliner than usual. Another night I used the wipes. And in three swipes left to right, right to left eyeliner…gone. And no residue.
Now, I know how skeptical it is to trust yet another product that sells you false hope, and doesn’t get the job done, but I’ve used it and I won’t promote something I don’t use myself. So if you’re tired of that stubborn eyeliner invest in the Neutrogena purifying wipes. Plus they smell good, too.