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Saturday 21 May 2022
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Expand your 2015 Beauty Closet With Julep

Expand your 2015 Beauty Closet With Julep

It is reported that women spend $768 million a year on nails.What can we say ladies, we love looking good down to our toes. And whether we’re taking a trip to the nail salons or doing them ourselves, having our nails done is like a necessity. But there is one common problem I run into often, and maybe I’m not alone.

That is choosing the right nail color. I can’t tell you how many times I go into nail salons to get my nails done and when I’m asked what nail color I want I never find what I’m looking for. It’s as if the nail salon runs out of the “good” polishes, or never had them to begin with. So I started buying my own nail polishes I can bring to the salon (unless I  decide to save money and do them myself).  The right product could make a big difference, and that’s why my products of the week are from Juleps beauty line.

Every woman should own at least three nail polishes from Julep. Julep is one of the fastest growing beauty companies and from buying some of their stuff(nail polishes and mascara) I can stand by the products and say they will be the best your money has brought in a long time. I thought I had a collection of good quality nail polishes already…until I received my first Julep box and inside were three of the finest quality of nail polishes I have ever used (Ledi-It Girl, Devon-classic with a twist and Missy-It Girl)!


I loved the quality of the nail polishes so much I had another custom made box from Julep delivered to me. It only got better. Inside this box was two nail colors(Quinn, Shari) and the best mascara I will ever use (Length Matters Wow-Impact).

lengthmatters_popsugar The colors are eqsuite and the polishes do not clump! One coat will do the job if you do not like layering. And applying two coats won’t leave visible lines or lumps, it is simply perfect. The best product by far was the mascara. I have used some of the best mascaras like Covergirl’s’ LashBlast and the stiletto for example, but none of them have pleased me the way this product has. I have very small eyelashes that you could barely see but after I applied this mascara my lashes were the longest they have ever looked! And they weren’t clumped together but evenly spaced. I know it wasn’t how I applied the mascara on because I’ve been using the same technique for two years now.

Julep Maven program has a monthly subscription of $25 a month and they send you custom made boxes with three items (of your chosen or theirs if you want them to surprise you). You do not have to subscribe if it does not suite you. Without the subscription the products may be pricy if $14.00 for nail polish or $24 for mascara is too much for you at that time, but you will not be disappointed and you will get your money worth. I only did two months and when I run low I will just re-order the products I like.

So for 2015 expand your beauty closet and get some Julep products in there!

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