5 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Menu

wedding menu

Planning a wedding means having to think of so many things, even the slightest details like decorative flowers and the food selection can be both important and time consuming. We want our wedding ceremony and everything about that day to be perfect, which means the food has to be ideal as well. There are at least five things we should think of when choosing our wedding menu and you’ll learn about them if you read this article.  

Canapés and reception drinks are great for welcoming guests

The first thing you need to think of is what a perfect way to welcome your guest is. In other words, you should provide them with quality food and beverages, because your guests will probably feel like grabbing a bite and sipping something nice after the ceremony is over. They can all start celebrating your day with some delicious canapés alongside the reception drinks that will keep them going. This is perfect before the main meal comes, because they will neither be starving nor stuffed. It can open their appetite and it’s great for getting them socializing, as well as keeping them busy while you have some photos taken. To add to the ambience, you can have musicians playing while your guests enjoy the drinks reception.

It’s best to choose seasonal dishes

You should always choose seasonal dishes when selecting your menu. If your venue is all-inclusive, you will be provided with everything you need, including food, and the menu will probably be seasonal-set, so you will have an opportunity to enjoy trendy local ingredients and all that at a bargain. Nonetheless, if your venue is not all-inclusive, you can always rely on catering services, that will try to satisfy your every request and make sure the food at your wedding is to die for.

You will also need some great evening food

After the speeches and cake cutting, it’s a perfect time for some evening food. If we’re talking about summertime, you can enjoy the last hours of the sun with a barbeque and a cocktail, while a hog roast bap, topped with juicy apple sauce and stuffing, with mulled wine is great for winter. However, regardless of what season is, just remember to leave out slices of your wedding cake for your guests to enjoy in the evening. 

Think about children as well

You probably have a lot of relatives and friends with children and at least some of them will bring theirs to the wedding. It’s important not to forget about them, especially because they’re probably pickier than adults. For your youngest guests, you should have some child-friendly options so that they can enjoy your wedding as well. You should check with their parents if they have allergies or if there are foods that they can’t eat. Whatever you plan to do, just make sure you organize all the suitable alternatives beforehand.

Treat your guests to some nice cocktails 

If any day is perfect for celebrating with some alcoholic drinks, that is a wedding day, so there’s no reason why your guests wouldn’t take some alcohol. Maybe you can prepare some gin and tonic, for many love this combo! If you’re not sure what the best options for your wedding are, check out this list of the most popular wedding cocktails! Surely you can get some interesting ideas that way. 

Planning your wedding means thinking about all sorts of things, and a wedding menu is one of them. With these five tips, you will know exactly what to do and they should make everything easier. Now you know how to welcome guests and you have all the necessary information to select a wedding menu successfully.