Top 2019 Travel Destinations

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Figuring out how to spend your travel money is one of the most delightful dilemmas of a life well-lived. But when it comes to choosing a vacation spot, what appeals to one group of travelers may not be of interest to others. And with so many different destinations around the world to choose from, it can be challenging to narrow down your options. Taking into consideration different cultures, attractions, sights and overall travel experiences, we have compiled a list of the top travel destinations to visit in 2019:


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Indonesia is a land of so many different cultures, customs, sights, people and animals that it defies the definition of homogenization. The people are almost as entirely different from each other as the array of wonderful landscapes you’ll see, with every island representing a unique combination. Sulawesi’s multi-limbed coastline is filled with beautiful white sand beaches, while Sumatra is surrounded by a legion of almost a hundred volcanoes. The beauty of Bali is famous worldwide, but you don’t have to travel far to find even more alluring and less visited beaches of Nusa Tenggara. From the frequent sightings of orangutans and Komodo dragons to the mesmerizing moves of Balinese dancers and the tales of Banda Islands’ twisted history, there is a wide array of amazing spectacles to be witnessed in Indonesia. The best thing about this country is that an adventure awaits for you wherever you go.


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A land of astonishing natural beauty and cultural complexities of dynamic megacities and hill-tribe villages, Vietnam truly offers an unforgettable experience. Providing you with the opportunity to gaze over an incredible seascape of limestone islands in Halong Bay and to explore the world’s most spectacular cave system in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, Vietnam is both an exotic and a compelling country. Vietnam boasts a complex and diverse culture, from trading quarters rich in indigenous crafts and ancient temples displaying both Chinese and Hindu influences to the broad boulevards and grand buildings dating from the French colonial period. Whether you decide to go kitesurfing on the tropical waters, treat yourself in some of the best spas and massage salons in the world or go on an exciting Ho Chi Minh city tour at night, which gives you a chance to try the outstanding Vietnamese cuisine while exploring the incredible city districts, there is no denying Vietnam is going to provide you with a spectacular experience.


Swimming through clear Belizean seas, snorkelers are treated to a wide array of coral, fish, turtles and whale sharks, while scuba divers have the opportunity to investigate underwater caves and walls and the world-renowned Great Blue Hole. With cutter ants, green iguanas, howler monkeys and shy jaguars hiding in wildlife sanctuaries and protected areas, this island boasts a vast network of national parks filled with incredible species. But apart from the incredible flora and fauna, Belize is also the home to one of the world’s most mysterious civilizations – the ancient Maya. From excavated tombs to tall stone temples, the Cayo District and Toledo’s Deep South are filled with archaeological sites that date back to the mystical Maya period. Whether you decide to crawl through ancient cave systems, rappel down waterfalls or zipline through jungle canopies, Belize is undoubtedly going to be an adventure.


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With monster Pacific waves on one side and chilled Caribbean vibes on the other, Panama delivers the best of beach life. Whether you seize it by adventurous surfing, scuba diving with whale sharks on the Pacific or snorkeling along the rainbow reefs of Bocas del Toro, there is something for every kind of traveler in Panama. But apart from incredible beaches, this country offers an abundance of spectacular landscapes, from the remarkable indigenous territories and ruins of Spanish forts to the towering waterfalls near Santa Fé. With trekking through sublime cloud forests sceneries and zip lining through rainforest canopies, this small tropical country boasts adventure tourism like no other. Aside from the beauty of untouched nature, Panama also offers the wonders of urban life, with the beautifully restored historic Casco district in the culturally diverse Panama City bustling with life and entertainment.

Whether you want to relax, explore, learn, or even all three, this list of top travel destinations is bound to inspire at least one remarkable journey. Just make sure that your passport is valid and that your bank account is healthy and pick one of these amazing destination to visit in the year ahead.