Happiness is a choice but it’s a hard one. The world is full of negativity and to be honest, it’s a lot easier to be negative than it is to be positive. However, taking the easy way out seldomly ever changes circumstances.

Monotony is unbearable in this life to even the most mundane.

Loving yourself is the only way to get there. In a world where everyone’s telling you what you can’t have and what you don’t deserve, you have to be the exception. You should never allow what people say about you to discourage you from achieving your dreams and accepting your greatness.

Everyone is going to have an opinion about what you do and what you don’t do. At the end of the day it’s your life and everything you desire you can have; but it’s a choice.

Happiness takes sacrifice. It’s about eliminating ties to the things and people who bring you down. You can no longer cater to that negative friend or that friend who says that they’re your best friend but you can never find when you need them. It’s about letting go of that boyfriend/girlfriend you like, who never calls, never text you or cheats on you. It’s about letting go of those friends that you have to question their sincerity. Life is too short to have to question whether or not someone loves you. Love is a right and not a privilege. It’s about letting go of those people who continually make empty promises… pointless speech that never manifests.

Forgiveness is the key to love, but remember you are no one’s doormat. Standing up for yourself is the most powerful move you could ever make in this journey we call life. Happiness is taking control. It’s about taking control of the negative thoughts and feelings you may feel; transforming those thoughts to silence which must never take residence in your mind. It’s about taking control and standing up for yourself, regardless if some people you care about remain seated.

Happiness is about being a leader, and not a follower. If you live your life in a way which makes you happy, and you do things that fulfill your soul, then you are on track. It’s not about pleasing others and doing things that others want you to do. It’s about living your life for each breath you take and appreciating that in a way that makes you strive higher, bigger, brighter and more powerful than before.

Happiness is about saying no to drama and excess baggage that no longer serves a purpose in your life. It’s about letting go and letting yourself be free. Freedom is scary because it’s easier to live in fear than it is to face it; become the brave warrior that you were meant to be. It’s about putting on your armor, being quicker, fighting longer and fighting stronger.

Happiness is about waking up and doing what you love to do. Whether it’s taking that dance class or that art class you been meaning to take for the last 10 years, or going back to school, because it’s never too late. Happiness is about taking time for you and taking care of your self.

You are but a lame duck if you cannot fight for yourself because you are constantly fighting for others.

Fighting for yourself is fighting for others.

Be empowered by your struggles and use them as learning experiences. Be not defeated by the pain of the world, the naysayers, and the people who are just filled with negativity.

Do what you love to do because it makes you happy, not because you have something to prove, but because you deserve it. Be happy because it’s the best revenge, the best medicine, the best love, the best relationship and most importantly it’s your right.

Now go out there, let’s change the world.