5 Reasons Why Swimming Is Good for You


People are always looking for new activities that they can fit into their schedule that will make them look and feel better. And there are plenty of options, no matter where you are. One of the options is the age-old swimming. With a lot of people turning to exercise that we once used as a survival mechanism, swimming fits right in. If you live near the ocean, you can enjoy swimming the old-fashioned way, but an indoor pool will work just as well! Here are some of the amazing effects swimming will have on your body:

Improves the cardiovascular system

In the water, we feel free and weightless, and it’s not all in your head. Your body is actually putting less pressure on itself when it’s underwater, which opens up all of the canals that your blood flows through. It will reduce your blood pressure, improve your circulation and, since you are exhaling a lot more carbon dioxide and using oxygen smartly, you will have an overall better working cardiovascular system, decreasing the risk of heart problems, even in older people or people with predispositions to such illnesses. It’s important that you stick to a regular schedule. Getting all of your gear, like athletic swimwear, goggles and anything else you need will help you stay motivated.

It’s great for healing injuries

If you’ve had a serious injury, especially with a joint or bone, your doctor might recommend you to visit the pool for your therapy. Water is a safe space to exercise your joints with a lot less weight being put on them. There are a variety of exercises you can do, but you should never practice without a professional. It is also a good way to build back muscle strength after downtime, since moving through water requires more muscle than moving on dry land.

Engages all of your muscles

There are so many different styles of swimming, and almost all of them include using all of your muscles. It’s one of the very few activities where taking a break is not an option – if you want to stay afloat, you will keep going, and your basic survival instinct will push you through it. It will also engage your legs, back, shoulders, abdomen and even neck – so if you are looking for an all-inclusive fitness routine to build up muscle – this is it.

Helps with regulating weight

For a lot of people who are obese or overweight because of a separate issue that limits their movement, it can be hard to find a safe way to exercise. However, exercising in a pool takes the weight off your joints and allows you to exercise for longer and more efficiently. Swimming can burn 500 calories in one hour, so it is a great option for those looking to lose or maintain a certain weight.

Decreases stress

We live in a pretty stressful world, but swimming has been proven to decrease stress. It can also improve your sleep schedule and quality of sleep, since it’s a full body workout that calms you down. Swimming has also been proven to help with depression, so next time you are not feeling at your peak, visiting a pool can be a good idea.


With so many benefits of swimming, including the fact that you can do it with friends and family, and without any special training (unless if you are treating an injury), really doesn’t leave any excuses for it not to be your new favorite activity. And if you never learned to swim – it’s never too late. Find a class, learn this very important skill and start enjoying it for all that it offers.