I have been talking about this epidemic, unfortunately ever since I could speak because that’s when I too became apart of this world-wide, non-discriminatory sickness. Oprah inspired me to tell my story at a very young and I never stopped telling it.

I wrote a piece some years ago, where I stated – I will always be the voice that I wish I had for others. Reaching my hands out towards the people who never had anyone reaching back in crisis.
I have quite a different take on sexual exploitation from personal experience and knowledge.
When we think of feminism, we think of men and women being treated equally. Women deserve equal pay, benefits and promotions. That’s feminism.

Over the last few years, however, feminism has disturbingly performed a complete 360. Some how it became about nudity and vulgarity. I’m no prude, but seeing how there are porn sites readily available and adult magazines are still in print because there is a market demand for that; subcategory in entertainment.

It was never supposed to bleed over into popular culture but a pop culture ‘buzz word’ is exactly what it became with the push of reality TV and everyone uses the same rebuttal to justify uncouth behavior . When I say that I dislike the reality television because its garbage, I am not talking about House Hunters, no. I’m talking strippers of all colors, in mansions beating each other down.

Reality Stars in particular, have high numbers of borderline personality disorder. Those types of people never really have talent but operate on this false understanding wrapped into a delusion of bliss that they somehow deserve it. You have your scam artists, social climber, whatever and whomever it takes girl, gold diggers.

Why is any of this important? Well, we, the women need to know exactly what were fighting for. In order to do that, some uncomfortable conversations have to be HAD. {No shame, No shade, Nor judging} This is NOT an opportunity to shame a woman for how many partners she has had BECAUSE that’s her business unless she’s a proud mistress, a proud mistress is a dangerous one.

It’s about bringing voices to the center to the force change , but more than that, its an attempt to stop perpetuating and enabling this cycle. BOTH men and women are at fault. Of course, with the exception of cases that were flat out rape and assault.

As you stand in all black to dress for solidarity, stand up for each other and be honest with the people around you.

In today’s society, everyone wants to be naked on Instagram and preach feminism, a narrative straight from Entertainment. Everyone is enlightened yet they sit among the darkness which stalks them.

BRAVERY is admitting, “I had sex to advance my career because it’s a mans world and that’s how I chose to live in it.” Some women use sex as a means to cheat to get ahead. I have YET to hear someone say the truth, if that in fact is theirs. It’s important to make these distinctions and hold women accountable for such behavior too.

This movement wasn’t anti-MAN. There are many wonderful men in the world.

Outsourcing is a perfect example; You keep hiring people based on who they are willing to sleep with or which social media influencer has 2.3 million fake followers. You’re outsourcing to keep money and the perks but we forget about our true “STARs” and “Talent”

What happens in 5 years when everyone in Hollywood was former a social media influencer? Its important to maintain what Hollywood is to few; HOME. FAMILY, PASSION, ART, HISTORY, LEGACY, DREAM and DEDICATION TO CRAFT.

It’s dysfunctional but still the only home for many.

Honestly, I was concerned when I heard Hollywood would be wearing black. Although, I didn’t watch the show because I had other plans BUT I did see about 2-3 30-seconds clips and it seems as though they kept it light.

Victim-hood isn't an option because if we don't fight for ourselves, then who will? I am my sister's keeper and women must always support each other because in a team dynamic, that's how work gets done.

I want Hollywood to be around forever, movies are memories and actor's characters are the friends we never got to meet but we'll never forget.

We nee to start rebuilding our shatter glass on our neighbor's lawns.

We can begin to pick up those pieces now but remember----- PLEASE don't forget of the child actors watching.

For Child Actors: Building a safe community- safe house, bi-monthly check ins, emotional evaluation clause, A promissory of proper conduct and fair treatment on set to be signed by all talent.

Things will get better and please continue to speak your truth. I'm proud of you. You are beautiful! You are brave! You are strong! You ARE ENOUGH!


The biggest concern is the children, please remember women and children first.

2018 is going to be a good year....